Synonyms for απόστολος or Related words with απόστολος

παύλος              γεωργίου              παύλου              θεόδωρος              ανδρέα              ιωάννη              χαραλάμπους              σύγχρονος              λαογραφικό              αλεξάνδρου              μικρασιατική              εν_αθήναις              οδύσσεια              γεράσιμος              νέου              μαΐου              μεγάλου              έκδοσις              χαράλαμπος              δημήτρη              σάββας              μαρινέλλα              τόμ              βακαλόπουλος              συνοπτική              χρήστος              βασιλείου              βαθύ              παναγιώτης              καζαντζίδης              βασίλης              σπυρίδων              πάνος              παγκόσμιο              εκδοτικός              του_ελληνικού              αυτού              ευβοίας              κοινότητας              σαλαμίνα              μακεδονικός              στέλιος              συνεδρίου              σταύρος              πρόδρομος              αρχαιολογικό              ανδρέας              χανιά              ιστορική              σύμη             

Examples of "απόστολος"
Apostolos "Lakis" Glezos (Greek: Απόστολος "Λάκης" Γκλέζος; 4 February 1947 – 18 June 2007) was a Greek football defender.
Apostolos "Lakis" Papaioannou (Greek: Απόστολος "Λάκης" Παπαϊωάννου; born 5 October 1956) is a retired Greek football midfielder.
Apostolos Vellios (Greek: Απόστολος Βέλλιος) (born 8 January 1992) is a Greek football striker who plays for Nottingham Forest. He came out of Iraklis' academies before moving to the club's first team. Vellios played in England for three and a half years representing Everton and Blackpool. He has also represented his country at all levels.
Apostolos Kontos (Greek: Απόστολος Κόντος) (born on November 22, 1947) is a Greek former professional basketball player and coach. He is considered to be one of the great players in Panathinaikos Athens history. He was also a long-time member of the senior men's Greek national basketball team. He played at the small forward position.
The name of the man known to history as Juan de Fuca is the source of some confusion. While "Juan de Fuca" is clearly a Spanish rendering of "Ioánnis Phokás" (Gr: Ιωάννης Φωκάς), some sources cite "Apóstolos Valeriános" (Gr: Απόστολος Βαλεριάνος) as his "real" name. It is possible that Phokás was baptized "Apóstolos" and later adopted the name Ioánnis/Juan (i.e., John) because "" is not much used as a name in Spanish. Given that Fokás/Fuca was the family name borne by the seafarer's father and grandfather, Valeriános is likely to be a nickname used on the island which would have been quite meaningless in the Spanish Empire.