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Examples of "abiword"
The AbiWord project includes a US English-only grammar checking plugin using Link Grammar. AbiWord had grammar checking before any other open source word processor, although a grammar checker was later added to Link Grammar is both a theory of syntax and an open source parser which is now developed by the AbiWord project.
AbiWord () is a free and open-source software word processor written in C++. Since version 3 it is based on GTK+ 3. The name "AbiWord" is derived from the root of the Spanish word ""abierto"", meaning "open".
AbiWord supports both basic word processing features such as lists, indents and character formats, and more sophisticated features including tables, styles, page headers and footers, footnotes, templates, multiple views, page columns, spell checking, and grammar checking. Starting with version 2.8.0, AbiWord includes a collaboration plugin that allows integration with, a Web-based service that permits multiple users to work on the same document in real time, in full synchronization. The Presentation view of AbiWord, which permits easy display of presentations created in AbiWord on "screen-sized" pages, is another feature not often found in word processors.
AbiWord is part of the AbiSource project which develops a number of office-related technologies.
ICLOAK comes with various utilities such as word-processor (Abiword) and spreadsheet application (gnumeric).
Aspell has been integrated into software such as Gajim, LyX, Notepad++, Claws Mail and previously Pidgin, Opera, gedit and AbiWord.
AbiWord, a free word processor, uses Link Grammar for on-the-fly grammar checking. Words that cannot be linked anywhere are underlined in green.
Modern software AbiWord is available today on AmigaOS 4.0 through the AmiCygnix X11 graphical engine, Scriba and Papyrus Office pre-release is available for MorphOS.
Applications included were Firefox 3 Beta 5, Brasero CD/DVD burning application, Transmission BitTorrent client, Mousepad text editor, AbiWord word processor and Ristretto image viewer
The DOC format is native to Microsoft Word. Other word processors, such as Writer, IBM Lotus Symphony, Apple Pages and AbiWord, can also create and read DOC files, although with some limitations. Command line programs for Unix-like operating systems that can convert files from the DOC format to plain text or other standard formats include the wv library, which itself is used directly by AbiWord.
The free and open-source word processors AbiWord, Apache OpenOffice, Bean, Calligra, KWord, LibreOffice and NeoOffice can view, edit and save RTF files. RTF format is also used in the Ted word processor.
This method increases the RTF file size rapidly. The RTF specification does not require this method and there are various implementations that include pictures without the WMF copy (e.g. Abiword or Ted).
JLime is a fully functioning Linux distro and currently uses IceWM window manager as a GUI 'environment'. JLime includes the following applications with IceWM: Minimo, XChat, dillo, Rox-filer, Abiword, Leafpad, Torsmo and a few other useful applications.
RTF also supports generic font family names used for font substitution: "roman" (serif), "swiss" (sans-serif), "modern" (monospace), "script", "decorative", "technical". This feature is not widely supported for font substitution, e.g. in or Abiword.
Galsoft Linux introduced the ability to work with the ODF format using the latest version of AbiWord. For window management LXDE and Krusader were used. Many of the tools used were incomplete translations into Castilian and Galician, with many applications not internationalized, being unable to be translated. During this period of development, the developers also conducted work on Internationalization and localization.
This release also brought all new artwork and incorporated the Murrina Storm Cloud GTK+ theme and a new XFWM4 window manager theme. 9.04 also introduced new versions of many applications, including the AbiWord word processor, Brasero CD/DVD burner and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client. It used X.Org server 1.6. The default file system was ext3, but ext4 was an option at installation.
Enchant is a free software project developed as part of the AbiWord word processor with the aim of unifying access to the various existing spell-checker software. Enchant wraps a common set of functionality present in a variety of existing products/libraries, and exposes a stable API/ABI for doing so. Where a library doesn't implement some specific functionality, Enchant will emulate it.
Cygnix is a lightweight UNIX simulation environment for AmigaOS that comes with an X11 server Cygwin, and this has been used to port programs such as AbiWord or GIMP to the Amiga. A slightly related project is a GTK MUI wrapper which eventually will simplyfy porting of GTK based software.
The wv library provides several tools on the command line of a Unix shell, such as "wvText" for converting a .doc file to a plain text file. It is used by the program abiword, which provides a GUI interface for reading .doc files.
The version used Linux kernel and Xfce 4.4 beta 1. Applications included the Thunar file manager, GDM desktop manager, Abiword word processor and Gnumeric spread sheet, Evince PDF document viewer, Xarchiver archive manager, Xfburn CD burner, Firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client and the GDebi package manager.