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Evgeny Sergeevich Abramenko (, tr. "Yawhen Syarheyevich Abramenka"; Łacinka: "Jaŭhien Siarhiejevič Abramienka"; , tr. "Yevgeniy Sergeyevich Abramenko"; born February 26, 1987 in Vitebsk) is a retired Belarusian biathlete.
Oleksandr Abramenko (born in Pervomaisk) is a Ukrainian freestyle skier, specializing in aerials.
Abramenko made his World Cup debut in January 2006. As of February 2016, he has one victory in 2014/15 at Minsk and six other World Cup podium finishes. In 2015/16 season he became the first ever Ukrainian to win World Cup in aerials or any other freestyle discipline.
Abramenko competed at the 2006, 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics for Ukraine. In 2006, he did not advance, placing 27th in the qualifying round. In 2010, he placed 24th in the qualifying round of the event, again failing to advance to the final. In 2014, he reached final and placed 6th.
Northern and southern walls of the chapel are decorated with bas-reliefs with images of the Virgin Mary and Saint Nicholas (Nicholas of Mozhaisk). Taganrog sculptor Vladimir Dmitriev had been working on this decoration for six months. Temple painting was done by artist Natalia Krasnovskaya, and stained glass windows were made by Mikhail Abramenko.
Valentin Galochkin was married three times. The first marriage in (1958) was to Yulia Ukader (Soviet, Ukrainian sculptor). A daughter from the first marriage is Tatiana Ryabokon, born Galochkina (painter). The second marriage in (1978) was to Elena Bokshitskaya (cinema-reviewer). A daughter from the second marriage is Anna Bokshitskaya (journalist). The third marriage in (1980) was to Lidia Galochkina, born Abramenko (Russian sculptor, graphic artist). Sons from the third marriage are Igor Galochkin (programmer) and Andrey Galochkin (engineer). Valentin Galochkin was a sportsman, a Master of Sports in swimming and volleyball, hunter and fisherman.
Gladys Abramenko filed a lawsuit after she was assaulted and her husband was murdered by Eric Fish, who had been granted conditional release to a halfway house despite serving a life sentence for murder and had been diagnosed with "criminal and anti-social propensities". She reached an out-of-court settlement with several national law enforcement agencies in her civil suit, seeking unspecified financial damages from Fish, the RCMP, Corrections Canada, the Parole Board of Canada and the John Howard Society. Details of the settlement "could not be revealed".
Eric Norman Fish was released to a halfway house in 2004 in Vernon, British Columbia. Fish had been serving a life sentence for a 1984 murder. In 2004, Fish was charged with the murder of Jeffrey Drake, whose body was found on the shore of Okanagan Lake. In 2007, Fish was again charged with the murder of Bill Abramenko, a 75-year-old retired carpenter. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police admitted that during the six weeks Fish was at large, no alert was issued by police or the parole board. Fish's arrest ignited a national debate on the role of the Parole Board of Canada. The case lead to widespread changes for the police and the parole board.