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Examples of "achayo"
The next head teacher was Ms. Achayo Christine, who became a member of the Parliament of Uganda. She joined the school in 2004 as the deputy head teacher and later took over office in 2005. Her achievements included improved discipline and academic performance, and construction of the Magandazi block and the school playground. The school enrollment also increased and parents placed confidence in the school.
The association between Dr Nelly and Collela lasted for only one year before they split up, with musicians going different ways. Only three members - Opiyo Emma, Okeyo Achayo and Collela - remained and the band had to start again from scratch. It was not until two years later that the band regained its footing and continued recording with AIT. In 1976, they switched to EMI. Recordings at AIT were on the Sungura, and later, Lolwe labels. Dr Nelly founded his own band, Tausi, and own label, Hundhwe, with Kericho's Chandarana Records. After the collapse of EMI, Kanindo started his own POK Music Stores but at the back of their minds, they were thinking of starting their own label because of the tribulations they had suffered while recording on other people's labels.