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anathallis              lindleyana              hoehnea              kraenzl              fernandezia              hoehne              steyerm              poepp              rchb              hirtzii              dryadella              schweinf              stelis              rodr              brachionidium              panamense              standl              mormodes              specklinia              arachnothryx              borhidi              dodsonii              dressleri              glaziovii              brasiliana              pittieri              steyermarkii              moldenke              mansf              bahiensis              schltr              encyclia              herrerae              bradea              cuatrec              lepanthes              hatschbachii              nicaraguensis              pridgeon              ecuadorensis              paraensis              adesmia              vasquezii              macbr              sprucei              markgr              rodriguezia              fluminensis              bremek              bradei             

Examples of "acianthera"
Acianthera hoffmannseggiana is a species of orchid.
"Acianthera magalhanesii" was described by (Pabst) F.Muds and published in "Hoehnea" 30(3): 186. 2003
Acianthera: generic name that it is a reference to the position of the anthers of some of his species.
Acianthera modestissima is a species of orchid. The flower is magenta in color and is very small.
Acianthera is a genus of orchids native to the tropical parts of the Western Hemisphere, especially Brazil. It was first described in 1842 but was not widely recognized until recently. Most of the species formerly placed under "Pleurothallis" subgenus "Acianthera". This splitting is a result of recent DNA sequencing.
The plant genus "Klotzschia" from the family Apiaceae and some plant species like "Eugenia klotzschiana" or "Acianthera klotzschiana" are named in his honour.
Acianthera magalhanesii is a species of orchid. It is originary from Mines Gerais and Bahia, Brazil. It belongs to the section S"icaria."
"Acianthera" – "Anathallis" – "Andinia" – "Barbosella" – "Brachionidium" – "Chamelophyton" – "Dilomilis" – "Diodonopsis" – "Draconanthes" – "Dracula" – "Dresslerella" – "Dryadella" – "Echinosepala" – "Frondaria" – "Kraenzlinella" – "Lepanthes" – "Lepanthopsis" – "Masdevallia" – "Myoxanthus" – "Neocogniauxia" – "Octomeria" – "Pabstiella" – "Phloeophila" – "Platystele" – "Pleurothallis" – "Pleurothallopsis" – "Porroglossum" – "Restrepia" – "Restrepiella" – "Scaphosepalum" – "Specklinia" – "Stelis" – "Teagueia" – "Tomzanonia" – "Trichosalpinx" – "Trisetella" – "Zootrophion"
Finally, in 2004 the new genera "Acianthera", "Ancipitia", "Antilla", "Apoda-prorepentia", "Areldia", "Atopoglossum", "Brenesia", "Colombiana", "Crocodeilanthe", "Cucumeria", "Didactylus", "Dracontia", "Elongatia", "Empusella", "Kraenzlinella", "Lindleyalis", "Madisonia", "Proctoria", "Rubellia", "Specklinia", "Talpinaria", "Unciferia", and "Xenosia" have been created, incorporating a large number of former Pleurothallis species ("Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard." 95: 255. February 2004).
Several times before, a splitting up has been attempted, but there were always too many intermediate forms. In 2004 the new genera "Acianthera", "Ancipitia", "Antilla", "Apoda-prorepentia", "Areldia", "Atopoglossum", "Brenesia", "Crocodeilanthe" were created, incorporating a large number of former "Pleurothallis" species ("Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard." 95: 255. 2004 [Feb 2004]).
Acianthera hondurensis is a species of orchid native to the Atlantic slope of México and Central America, and is found at elevations of 35–500 m. It is an epiphyte found in humid and riverine forests. It is likely affected by human activities such as agriculture and urban development, but can be found in protected areas such as Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve in México and Laguna Lachuá National Park and Chocón Machacas Protected Biotope in Guatemala.
It characterises by a cespitose growth with secondary stems, also called ramicauls, with the triangular upper section, wider in the base that in the leaf, subsessile inflorescence with few or a lot of flowers, floral segments often thick, or slightly pubescents or papilloses in a group of more fibrous and resistant plants, with canaliculate ramicauls without wings or with narrow wings, that resembles an additional leaf. This species is similar to "Acianthera oligantha" but smaller than it with flowers smaller and all the lip, yellow, extended in the intermediate part.
Gilberto N. Morillo (born 1944) is Venezuelan scientist, author, and educator. He was known for botany. In 1995 he was chosen as an elected curator of Herbario Forestal (MER) of the University of the Andes in Mérida, Venezuela. Morillo had already been a curator of the Faculty of Pharmacy (MERF) from the same university and the National Herbarium of Venezuela in Caracas. He is a collector of Angiopspermaes, whose specimens are in the National Herbarium of Venezuela. He is currently a researcher with the highest number of scientific publications of the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental and global specialist in Asclepiadaceae and a consultant for prestigious journals in the field of botany. Species named after Morillo including Prestonia morilloi (Apocynaceae), Cynanchum morilloi, Macroditassa morilloana, Oxypetalum morilloanum, Lessingianthus morilloi, Acianthera morilloi and Piper morilloi.
Cássio van den Berg (born 1971) is a Brazilian botanist. He is noted for work in orchid classification and evolution, especially great changes in the generic circumscriptions of ornamental orchids in the genus "Cattleya", based on DNA studies for the subtribe Laeliinae. Based on this studies, he proposed a fusion of the genera "Cattleya", "Laelia" (only Brazilian species), and "Sophronitis". In Laeliinae, the studies pointed out to the separation of subtribe Ponerinae, and the transfer of "Dilomilis" and "Neocogniauxia" to Pleurothallidinae. He also worked in the taxonomy of other orchid genera, such as "Acianthera", "Baptistonia", "Bulbophyllum", "Cymbidium", "Encyclia", "Galeandra", "Isabelia" and "Pleione". In 2004, he described a new genus of Laeliinae, "Adamantinia" Van den Berg & C.N.Gonç. Currently he is full professor and curator of the Laboratory of Plant Molecular Systematics.