Synonyms for aclar or Related words with aclar

barex              saranex              aflex              pctfe              scotchpak              skyrol              bopet              tefzel              scotchcal              pylen              tedlar              epurex              valeron              petp              neoflon              aclon              hardcoated              teonex              bicor              teijan              ony              lumirror              polylaminate              polybar              madico              platilon              evalca              halar              melinex              hostaphan              efte              diafoil              mellinex              visqueen              lumilar              clopay              mcmastercarr              etfe              bopp              efep              polyterephthalate              tyvek              fluon              homewrap              saran              voridian              zeonor              tyvec              mactac              tamapoly             

Examples of "aclar"
PCTFE resin is now manufactured in different trade names such as Neoflon PCTFE from Daikin or Aclon from Allied Signal. However, Kel-F remains the most commonly used trade name still today. PCTFE films are sold under the tradename Aclar by Allied Signal. Tradenames of PCTFE in other manufacturing companies include Hostaflon C2 from Hoechst, Fluon from ICI, Voltalef from Arkema, Aclar from Honeywell, Plaskon from Allied Chemical Corporation and Halon from Ausimont USA.
What becomes of the argument, of the atheist, and of the wild child, and the effect of their fates on Severo, and the islanders who come in contact with either the Prince of Aclar, or the ferocious child Amara makes up the thread of the story. This is a fable about tolerance, and its conflict with moral certainty.
At opposite ends of Grandinsula, a remote pre-reformation Christian island, shepherds find a creature with strange footprints stealing their lambs, and fisherman find a swimmer near exhaustion struggling towards the shore. The child cannot stand, eat or speak like a human being; the swimmer says he is a prince in the unheard of land of Aclar, and declares himself to be an atheist. Severo, Cardinal and Prince of the island, is confronted by a double conundrum. Could an atheist be in good faith? Not if the knowledge of God is inborn; then the atheist must once have known God, and reneged on the knowledge. If he is a renegade from the truth, he must be burned as a heretic; but Severo would dearly like to save him. How could it be found out whether everyone has inborn knowledge of God, since the teaching of the Church as best known to the greatest scholar on the island is unclear? Perhaps by teaching the wolf-child to speak, and then asking her... That will take time. Meanwhile, it is worth while trying to demonstrate the truth of God to the mysterious atheist in argument.