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campylosiphon              nematherium              microcoelus              melanodon              amanses              barrosasaurus              skeptrostachys              emarginachelys              platylomalus              pterolepis              sciadopanax              emydopidae              dexiarchia              platytroctidae              forreria              gologoense              montlivaltiidae              chelonitis              cyathochromis              piscogavialis              kingoriidae              dorsetochelys              opisthias              adenopeltis              prionoceridae              gymnomyces              psettopsis              heloridae              arachniformis              gebiidea              gammaroidea              laolestes              chauliodon              stenodactylina              spathifera              chellipalayam              aplotarsus              geogalinae              planorboidea              xinyuictis              blarinellini              megastylis              oldrichpedetes              neobenthamia              ctenocrinus              olivoidea              rhacolepis              paedogobius              callihoplites              hologerrhum             

Examples of "aconeceras"
The shell of "Protaconeceras" has a crunulate keel, especially in the youth. Sides are slightly convex and are covered with flexious striae or flattened ribs that extend onto the ventral surface. Sutural elements are wider and shallower than in "Aconeceras". Stratigraphic range is confined to the Hauterivian.
Aconiceras is an early Cretaceous ammonite included in the oppeliid subfamily Aconeceratidae, characterized by an involute, high-whorled, flat-sided shell that bears a finely serrate keel along the venter. Sutures have narrower and deeper elements than in "Protaconeceras". "Aconeceras" has been found in western Europe, South Africa, and eastern Australia. Its stratigraphic range is from the Upper Barramian to the Lower Albian.