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Examples of "addons"
Kodi/XBMC features, since version 10.0 (codename: "Dharma"), an Addons Framework architecture and an Addons Manager GUI client that connects to a decentralized digital distribution service platform that serves add-on apps and plug-ins which among other things provide online content to Kodi, the "Addons Manager" (or "Addons Browser") inside Kodi allows users to browse and download new addons directly from Kodi's GUI.
SpaceEngine is easily modifiable and can support a large variety of addons. The online community creates many addons for the program, including high-resolution textures, language localizations, spacecraft models, edited shaders, galaxy models, lens flares effects, and fictional planetary systems. Most addons are posted on the official website forums.
IPFire offers addons which are maintained by the development team.
Halcyon provides addons to extend it to monitor 3rd party applications and devices such as:
Most addons developed for the original versions of FSX are compatible with the "Steam Edition" release.
Game has received four storyline expansions and two smaller addons focusing on new gameplay mechanics:
Garden can be developed on via 'Addons' of applications, plugins, themes, and locales.
Nintendo released many addons for the Game Boy Advance. These include:
The PrestaShop Addons marketplace provides a platform for third-party developers to sell themes and modules to merchants. 1.1 introduced One-click Export to PDF and Export presentations to Flash (.SWF). It also allowed third-party addons.
Plug-ins, using either C/C++ programming languages to create Binary Addons or the Python scripting language to create Script Addons, expand Kodi to include features such as television program guides, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Veoh, online movie trailer support, and Pandora Radio and podcast streaming. Kodi also functions as a game launcher on any operating system.
As of Ubuntu 10.10, several of these dependencies are included indirectly, through another metapackage called Ubuntu Restricted Addons.
There is a great range of templates and addons available to extend the basic features already included.
There are also many third party addons and templates some of which are free and others are paid for.
Composr's primary weak point has been noted as its relatively small community. Few community addons or themes have been released for Composr when compared to projects such as Drupal and Wordpress. Some Composr fans argue that the number of built-in features is both the reason and the solution for the lack of popular third party addons.
In March 2010, SugarSync unveiled an API. As a result, there are several unofficial SugarSync addons and applications available. These addons come both in the form of web services and browser extensions and desktop applications such as SugarSync Linux desktop client (now discontinued) by Mark Willis.
PICA-FBM is also available as a standalone 2D graphics core. PICA-VG is a PICA-FBM are only available as optional addons.
Version 1.26 of Dooble introduced support for addons. The TorBrowser Add-On based on Vidalia was added in version 1.40. The Vidalia plugin was removed in version 1.49.
The Games Manager, once integrated into Kodi, provides a unified Games Manager Library and GUI front-end launcher with online metadata web scraping support for information about the games. It also introduces Game Addons as new type of addons with just-in-time emulator installation. Adding a Games Library for Game Metadata, exposing info (current level, number of lives, number of coins earned, etc.) to GUI, as well as extending the Addon API to support Game Client Addons, supporting Kodi's VFS (Virtual File System). It also provides a joystick and gamepad abstraction layer for common joystick API and input clients.
Wardell also indicated Stardock's intention to develop free updates and addons to the game after release, as well as several expansion packs: