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stenophylla              lanceolatum              speciosum              latifolium              squarrosa              stricta              multifida              glabrescens              oblongifolia              paniculatum              involucrata              gnaphalium              ciliata              auriculata              parviflorus              incana              torulosa              montanum              symphoricarpos              strictus              micrantha              oppositifolia              pulmonaria              fastigiata              microphylla              ramosissima              floribundum              longiflora              rotundifolium              pedatum              flexuosa              ellipticum              helenium              diversifolia              recurva              rubida              cernua              atropurpurea              flexuosum              radicans              fargesia              uliginosa              chamaesyce              weinmannia              encelia              randia              crassifolium              alyxia              heliotropium              linifolia             

Examples of "adiantum"
Adiantum caudatum, commonly walking maidenhair, tailed maidenhair, trailing maidenhair is a fern in the genus "Adiantum".
Adiantum bellum (Bermuda maidenhair fern) is a species of fern in the genus "Adiantum" (maidenhairs), and is native to Bermuda.
Adiantum polyphyllum is a fern in the genus Adiantum, endemic to Colombia, Venezuela, and Trinidad and Tobago.
Adiantum philippense, ("Goyali Lota, Kalijhant" in Bengali: গয়ালী লতা, "Hamsapadi, Kitamata, Tripadika" in Sanskrit, "Jarigida" in Kannada, "Hamsapadi" in Hindi ) is a fern in the genus "Adiantum".
Adiantum reniforme (lotus-leaved maidenhair fern) is a species of fern in the genus "Adiantum" (maidenhairs). It grows in sheltered rock crevices and on walls.
Adiantum trapeziforme (giant maidenhair or diamond maidenhair) is a species of fern in the genus "Adiantum", native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.
The ferns historically considered as "Adiantum" include both petrophilic and terrestrial plants. Most of the species in this genus do compose a clade within the family, but apparently "Adiantum raddianum" and possibly some related species constitute a clade that is sister to the vittarioids combined with the rest of the genus "Adiantum".
Adiantum edgeworthii is a species of maidenhair fern.
Adiantum capillus-veneris, the Southern maidenhair fern, black maidenhair fern, maidenhair fern, and venus hair fern, is a species of ferns in the genus "Adiantum" with a subcosmopolitan worldwide distribution. It is cultivated as a popular garden fern and houseplant.
Adiantum myriosorum is a fern species very similar to "Adiantum pedatum". It was once included in that species but now is recognized as being genetically distinct. It is native to Asia, from central China to northern India.
Normally host in "Adiantum", "Calla", "Cineraria", "Cyclamen", "Fuchsia", "Zantedeschia", "Viola tricolor", and "Physalis peruviana".
"Adiantum jordanii", from native plant nurseries, is used in native plant and wildlife gardens.
The larvae have been recorded feeding on "Ceterach officinarum", "Cochlearia" species and "Adiantum capillus-veneris".
The larvae feed on "Adiantum", "Lygodium", "Pellaea", "Nephrolepis biserrata", and "Asplenium nidus".
Flora in the area includes "Nerium oleander", "Platanus orientalis", and "Adiantum capillus-veneris".
Asplenium onopteris is known as the Irish spleenwort or western black spleenwort. It is difficult to identify compared with the black spleenwort, "Asplenium adiantum-nigrum". The main difference is that "A. onopteris" is diploid and is one of the two parents of the tetraploid "A. adiantum-nigrum" (the other being the diploid "A. cuneifolium"). Armed with a microscope, the most consistent observable difference between "A. onopteris" and "A. adiantum-nigrum" is that "A. onopteris" spores have a mean diameter of 28 μm and are almost all smaller than 31 μm, whereas those of "A. adiantum-nigrum" have a mean diameter of 34 μm and are almost all larger than 31 μm. The leaflets of typical "A. onopteris" are narrower in relation to their length than those of typical "A. adiantum-nigrum", but this is not a reliable means of identification.
Adiantum vivesii is a rare species of maidenhair fern known by the common name Puerto Rico maidenhair.
Adiantum cunninghamii is a Maidenhair fern found in New Zealand. The sori are found under the curved leaf margins.
"Adiantum philippense" can be found across south-east Asia. It inhabits tropical areas in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and Cambodia.
The other maidenhair fern that now grows wild on Bermuda, "Adiantum capillus-veneris", was introduced by Governor Lefroy.