Synonyms for adnectins or Related words with adnectins

monobodies              centyrins              adnectin              imabs              disintegrins              trinectins              anticalins              avimers              vhhs              peptibodies              affibodies              tetranectins              fynomers              affitins              hbgfs              ankyrins              knottin              dabs              vnar              vnars              lipocallin              knottins              darpins              immunobinders              anaphones              trinectin              sdabs              trimerx              darpin              avimer              fynomer              affibody              tetranectin              lipocalins              monobody              anticalin              antibodys              miniprotein              infestin              polypetides              igfbps              surrobodies              nanobodies              contortrostatin              fniii              centyrin              ctld              vhh              affilin              afbts             

Examples of "adnectins"
The monobody technology has been adopted in the biotechnology industry, most notably by Adnexus, a biotechnology company which has been part of Bristol-Myers Squibb since 2007 under the name of Adnectins (originally as Trinectins by its predecessor, Phylos). An example is pegdinetanib (Angiocept), an antagonist of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR-2), which has entered Phase II clinical trials investigating the treatment of glioblastoma in October 2007.