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suatu              bukti              jawatankuasa              kepada              lawan              telah              tunggul              aksi              kuasa              pemimpin              kehormatan              sumpah              jumat              kubur              bangkit              semua              kebebasan              manusia              gelar              kerajaan              kumbang              restu              pengembangan              diri              perwira              sebagai              perpaduan              patih              ateng              pembangunan              loku              urusan              sepuluh              pembantu              sejahtera              medhu              kecik              perintah              dasar              seorang              hukum              betatar              hujung              setiap              murni              urang              wulung              hutomo              siapa              penelitian             

Examples of "adun"
Adun was a protoss warrior and strategist who led the Templar shortly before the exile of the Nerazim. All protoss revered him as a hero. Adun's legacy achieved exalted status was woven into protoss lore, language and culture. "En Taro Adun!" ("In honor of Adun!") became both a salutation and a battle cry used by the Kahlai; "Adun Toridas" ("May Adun give you sanctuary") became a standard Nerazim expression. Both the "Citadel of Adun" and the "Spear of Adun" was named for him. The zerg, having gained knowledge of Aduns' significance to the protoss, referred to their enemies as "The Children of Adun."
He was then elected as Deputy Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly. During this time he inaugurated the Selangor Youth ADUN Program (Program ADUN Muda Selangor) that allowed students the experience of being legislators in the State Assembly.
Adun Muensamaan (, born 17 November 1981) is a professional footballer from Thailand. He currently plays for Prachuap in the Thai League 2.
Sunday Omobolanle had scripted, directed, produced and featured in several Nigerian film such as "Adun Ewuro", a 2011 Nigerian film that featured Adebayo Salami.
Rohana was one of three grand preservers who helped create the arkships. When the Spear of Adun was reactivated, she served as a councilor to Hierarch Artanis.
Her debut album titled "Adun-Igbeyawo" was released in 1998 but was famous for the album title "Opelope Anointing", a music she scripted and recorded in one day. She got her appellation, "Opelope Anointing" from this album.
Degue Broadcasting Network (DBN) a.k.a DBN Television was incorporated in Nigeria in 1986 by Mr. Osa Sonny Adun and started its broadcasting in 1995 a year before the Nigerian Government deregulated the broadcast media.
It was first described in 1883 for an occurrence on Mt. Soktui, Nerschinsk district, Adun-Chilon Mountains, Siberia. It was named after Russian mineralogist Pavel Vladimirovich Eremeev (Jeremejev, German) (1830–1899).
DBN started broadcasting in 1995 as a private station by seasoned media practioner Mr Osa Sonny Adun. It commenced operations in Lagos and later grew to have operations in Abuja.
USJ is covered under N31 Subang Jaya (which includes SS12-19, USJ 1-15 and PJS 7, 9, 11) in the Selangor State Assembly. The State Assemblyman (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, ADUN) is Democratic Action Party (DAP)'s Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan (Ms) who took over the seat from Barisan Nasional-MCA (BN)'s Datuk Lee Hwa Beng since 8 March 2008.
Dion (alternatively Adun, Idoun, or Aydoun) is the name of an ancient city, which was a member of the Decapolis during the classical period. The exact location of the city is still disputed, but is thought to be a site near Al Hisn currently known as Aydoun, around the city of Irbid in Jordan.
Budiman Mohd Zohdi (born 11 March 1972) is a Malaysian politician. He is the incumbent state legislative assemblyman (ADUN) for the Sungai Panjang, Selangor constituency and also the Member of Parliament for the Sungai Besar, Selangor constituency representing United Malay National Organization (UMNO), the main party in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.
Ramkarpal Singh s/o Karpal Singh, commonly referred to as Ramkarpal Singh, is a Malaysian lawyer and politician. He is the son of the late Karpal Singh and brother of Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo and Penang ADUN for Datuk Keramat Jagdeep Singh Deo.
Artanis is the central character of "", the third and final part of "StarCraft II". He leads the Protoss to invade Aiur but as the invasion went on, many Protoss fell under Amon's control. Amon has seized the Khala and is controlling the Protoss via their nerve cords. Artanis initially fell under their control but Zeratul severed his nerve cord, dying in the process. Shortly afterwards, Artanis leaves Aiur behind in the ship Spear of Adun and begins his quest to destroy Amon.
When Terengganu was an absolute monarchy, the Chief Minister was selected by the Sultan of Terengganu. Since the declaration of independence of Malaysia "(then called Tanah Melayu)" and the first general election, the Chief Minister has been the State Assembly (ADUN) member elected by a majority of all State Assembly members, who are themselves elected by universal adult suffrage of the citizens of their constituencies. Below is the list of the Chief Ministers of Terengganu from 1925.
The daughter of highlife musician Victor Olaiya, Moji Olaiya began her acting career with Wale Adenuga's production "Super Story". She has starred in several Nollywood movies of Yoruba and English genres. She is known for her roles in films such as "No Pains No Gains", in which she played Ireti, "Sade Blade" (2005), "Nkan adun" (2008) and "Omo iya meta leyi" (2009). She also starred in the "Agunbaniro". In 2003 she was nominated for the Reel Award Best Supporting Actress of the Year, and she has won the Best New Actress Award.
Like the two preceding games, the briefing room features interactive exploration but this time on board a Protoss Arcship known as the Spear Of Adun. Missions are accessed through a Protoss version of Hyperions 'Star Map' known as the Celestial Array. Artanis' goal is to unify the Protoss and stand against Amon, a fallen Xel'Naga who wishes to reshape the universe in his image. Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan will play smaller parts in the story as well. Chris Metzen has likened the story to that of the film "300", with a small force engaging a much more powerful one in a desperate last stand.
"Eohyosaurus" was first described and named by Richard J. Butler, Martín D. Ezcurra, Felipe C. Montefeltro, Adun Samathi and Gabriela Sobral in 2015 and the type species is "Eohyosaurus wolvaardti". The generic name is derived from Greek "eos", meaning "early"/"dawn", "hyos", meaning "pig"/"hog", and "sauros" meaning "lizard", in reference to "Eohyosaurus" being one of the earliest stratigraphically occurring rhynchosaurs, a group commonly described as "pig-like reptiles". The specific name honors Frederik Petrus Wolvaardt who discovered the type specimen SAM-PK-K10159.
Karax is a Khalai phasesmith. An expert in weapons, armor and ships. Karax is one of the most precise of protoss engineers. Over the course of the war against Amon, he was able to rise above his worker origins, serving as an important part of the war effort. Karax is shorter and stockier than most protoss. The armor he wears also differs in that it is more functional than ceremonial. Karax was among the Golden Armada when it assaulted Aiur.[1][3] After Amon forced the protoss into retreat, he guided Hierarch Artanis through the Spear of Adun, explaining its systems, and how he had given orders for the Templar in stasis to have their nerve cords removed, as per Amon's corruption of the Khala. He had already been forced to sever his own nerve cords, but had attached cybernetic tentacles to the tips, effectively giving him extra means of physical manipulation
Chong Eng (; pinyin: Zhāng Yīng; born on 6 July 1957), is a Malaysian politician for Democratic Action Party (DAP). She is currently the ADUN for Padang Lalang, Penang and an Exco in the Penang government. She was formerly the Member of Malaysian Parliament for Bukit Mertajam, Penang which she won since 1999 and held till 2013. She also served in the Women Crisis Center and Community AIDS Service Penang. She also holds deputy head membership for Women's Parliamentary Caucus and sits as a Standing Order Committee member. Chong Eng is currently the chairperson of the DAP Wanita, the women's wing of DAP. She is also the Deputy Secretary General for the party's Central Executive Committee.