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Examples of "aeronautic"
Winners of the National Aeronautic Association's Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy:
National Aeronautic Association and Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) Awards:
help to American test pilots, and explaining about the aeronautic work he had done in
In 1908 Benoist founded the Aeronautic Supply Co, the first supplier of aircraft parts.
Phelan received the National Aeronautic Association's Elder Statesman of Aviation Award in 1994.
Guidoni posthumously received the "Medaglia d’Oro al Valore aeronautico" ("Gold Medal for Aeronautic Valor").
("Empresa Nacional de Aeronáutica de Chile" English:National Aeronautic Enterprise of Chile).
In the present, the Romanian Civil Aeronautic Authority oversees all aviation activities.
To locate its Center for Aeronautic Studies and Experiments, the DSSE chose the small village of Montecelio. According to its founder, Gen. G.A. Crocco, the Center was to unite under the same roof all the different branches of aeronautic research existing at the time: radio communications, weaponry, technology, study of propellers, subsonic aerodynamics, optic science, photography, avionics. To the original structure were later attached new teams working on Aeronautic Medicine and Advanced Flight Tests, and even an Aeronautic Constructions Plant (SCA). The urban project was the work of renowned architects such as Giorgio Calza Bini, Gino Cancellotti and even an architect curator of St.Peter’s Church in the Vatican City, Prof. Giuseppe Nicolosi.
and "Compresorul motorului de avion", awarded 1940 „Adamachi” prize Academiei Române and first prize of Cercul Aeronautic Român.
The National Aeronautic Association recognized the 93rd Bombardment Wing as recipient of the Mackay Trophy for 1957.
On February 2, 2012, the National Aeronautic Association announced the nominations as well as the Selection Committee.
The earliest wind tunnels were invented towards the end of the 19th century, in the early days of aeronautic research,
Also in December 1909 the Academy of Sciences at Paris voted him an enamel medal for aeronautic achievements.
Evans worked as an engineer at several companies, including General Electric, Rockwell International, and Ford Aeronautic Company.
It was built at IRMA (Intreprinderea de Reparatii Material Aeronautic — Enterprise for Aeronautical Material Repairement), in Bucharest.
Born in Logroño, Manuel Jalón Corominas spent most of his life in Zaragoza. Previously, he lived in the US and in Finland where he worked after he had finished his studies of aeronautic engineering in Madrid and his doctoral thesis about aeronautic accidents.
The National Aeronautic and Space Administration also used Derrick Cave in the 1960s. As the agency was planning lunar landings, it was interested in determining if underground caverns could be detected from high altitude using gravimetric instruments. To support the National Aeronautic and Space Administration, North American Aviation and Pacific Northwest Bell conducted high altitude gravimetric tests using Derrick Cave as the underground target.
In March 2014, the X-47B won the 57th Annual Laureate Award for “extraordinary achievements” in aeronautics and propulsion hosted by "Aviation Week". On 9 April 2014, the National Aeronautic Association selected Northrop Grumman, the United States Navy, and the X-47B's development team as the joint recipients of the 2013 Collier Trophy for excellence in aeronautic technology.
On 18 June 1960, the National Government created by "Decree 1721 of 1960" the Administrative Department of Civil Aeronautics ("Departamento Administrativo de Aeronáutica Civil", DAAC), which was assigned specific technical and administrative duties to define aeronautic policy. In 1992 the DAAC merged with the National Aeronautic Fund ("Fondo Aeronáutico Nacional"), broadening its services and responsibilities.