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fauziah              aizat              andien              lagu              kasih              mencari              iklim              nafas              ayunda              cintaku              hermansyah              harus              krisdayanti              untukmu              tanpa              rindu              terakhir              segalanya              bukan              sharifah              hati              awie              liyana              endang              tetap              mizwar              maudy              jadi              satar              pergi              nazia              faizal              sebuah              rizky              kenangan              habsah              tinggal              kisah              jodoh              tiada              adibah              mawi              sumon              bisikan              rhoma              bagaikan              akhir              anang              sarip              yumna             

Examples of "afgan"
Afgan Syahreza is an Indonesian singer and actor. This is a list of awards received by Afgan.
Afgan Telecom being one of the beneficiaries for the funding.
In 1607, Qutbuddin Khan Koka was instructed to send Sher Afgan Khan to the court as he was accused of negligence and siding with Afghan rebels and transferred. Sher Afgan Khan refused to obey. Seeing this, Qutbuddin started off for Bardhaman, while he sent Ghiasa, the son of his sister, in advance to pacify Sher Afgan and bring him to the court. So upon his arrival on 30 May 1607, Sher Afgan duly went to meet him, accompanied by two men. At that moment Qutb signalled his men to arrest Sher Afgan, who stepped forward in alarm and attacked Qutbuddin sensing treachery. Qutbuddin was fatally wounded, and seeing this, his men surrounded Sher Afgan and killed him instantly.
They were managed by Afgan Talybov, whilst Ilgar Nuriyev was the club's chairman.
Agnes Monica, Afgan, Cinta Laura, and Raffi Ahmad led the nominations with two categories.
The single "Cinta 2 Hati" was used on the soundtrack of the Indonesian film "", starring Afgan and .
He was given the title Sher Afgan Khan, by Prince Salim, Jahangir, after his meritorious actions, during a war with the Rana of Mewar. Ali Quli Khan Istajlu, was educated under the instructions of Shah Ismail II of Safavid dynasty in Iran. Like his wife, Sher Afgan was also an immigrant from Isfahan,Persia, who fled from Iran, to Kandahar, then in India.
Agnes Monica and Raffi Ahmad led the nominations with three categories, followed by Afgan, Bunga Citra Lestari, and Luna Maya with two nominations. Afgan was the biggest winner of the night, taking home two awards in the categories: Favorite Male Singer and Indonesian Star Wannabe Award.
Ali Quli Istajlu, 'Sher Afgan Khan', also mentioned as Ali Quli Khan Istajlu 'Sher Afgan Khan' () was a Mughal courtier, earlier serving in Persia, who became the "jagirdar" of Burdwan in West Bengal (1605–1607). He was also the first husband of Nur Jahan ("Mehrunissa"), who later married Jahangir after Ali Quli Khan's death and became Empress of India.
Harmon and Lindsay were among the very few who later managed to create another documentary, "Afgan", about the same war, but this time shot from the side of the Soviet army, receiving unprecedented access to the troops and even flying on missions with the Spetsnaz. "Afgan" won the Blue Ribbon at the American Film & Video Festival.
The Indigo Awards is an award given to artists who have had their songs used the most as ringback tones. Afgan received two awards.
The MTV Indonesia Awards are an annual awards presented by MTV Indonesia, as chosen by their viewers throughout Indonesia. Afgan received two awards from 3 nominations.
The SCTV Awards is an award given by the Indonesian television station SCTV, based on audience votes. Afgan received three awards from 8 nominations.
General elections were held on 10 Oct 2002. Sher Afgan Khan Niazi of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) won by 50,210 votes.
Dr. Sher Afgan Khan Niazi (; died 11 October 2012) was a Pakistani politician. He served as Minister of Parliamentary Affairs of Pakistan.
The Dahsyatnya Awards are annual awards presented by the daily Indonesian TV show "Dahsyat" that airs on RCTI. Afgan has received eight awards from 22 nominations.
Nadia Afgan () is a Pakistani actress and comedian. She is best known for her various comic roles in television serials like "Shashlik" and "Zindan" aired by PTV Home.
The Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids' Choice Awards is Indonesian version of Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, held since 2008 in Jakarta. Afgan received four awards from 9 nominations.
Afgan, Andien, Marcell, Nidji, and led the nominations with three categories, followed by Mulan Jameela and Sherina Munaf with two nominations.