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thelo              agapo              poios              tipota              afto              apopse              einai              erotas              nisam              ksereis              fevgo              stin              nihta              eimai              treba              bolje              dlanu              ksero              tragoudia              nikad              asteri              thelei              tvoj              bahala              nychta              ourano              fotia              akoma              eheis              ljubim              ksana              pethaino              edhe              perimeno              nemoj              makria              hajde              hronia              drinu              znam              tragoudo              ostavi              sunce              kaneis              tragoudi              kardia              tobom              uvek              ayudhaya              nemam             

Examples of "agapas"
On June 14, Rouvas performed ""Agapa Me"" ("Love Me"; Greek version of Julio Iglesias ""Abrázame"") and ""Na M' Agapas"" at the third MAD Video Music Awards, where he won Best Video by a Male Artist (for ""Na M' Agapas"") and Best-Dressed Artist in a Video (for ""Mila Tis""). At the end of the summer (September 6), he collaborated with Vodafone on a beach-party concert at Yabanaki known as "Sakis on the Waves".
In 2015 she released the single «I epityhia» with lyrics of the single by Popi Maliotaki and music by Panos Roumeliotis, and then she released the single «Ekanes ti diafora" with lyrics by Dimitris Dimitras and music by Panos Roumeliotis from Music Liberty. In 2016 releases her new single entitled "An m' agapas" with lyrics by Elena Maniati and music by Vangelis Panatos from E & E Music Production. The song "An m' agapas" visualized shortly after its release by Dimitris Kabas and Maliotaki surprised us in her new clip because in video clip he has participate her son, Vasilis.
It was during this period that Sidiropoulos made his two film appearances. He had the leading role in the film “O Asymvivastos”, directed by Andreas Thomopoulos. He also sang all of the songs of the soundtrack, written mostly by Thomopoulos, including 'Na m' Agapas'. At the same time, he starred (together with Dimitris Poulikakos) in another movie by Thomopoulos, “Aldevaran”. Sidiropoulos also made one appearance on TV in a series called “Oikogeneia Zarnti”, directed by Kostas Ferris.
On 6 April 2005 Rouvas released his tenth album, "S'eho Erotefthi" ("I'm In Love With You"), which went platinum in five months and was eventually certified 3× platinum. With Vodafone Greece as their main sponsor, release parties for the CD were held in Heraklion, Corfu, Thessaloniki, and Athens on the same day and ""S'eho Erotefti"", ""Hilia Milia"" ("A Thousand Miles"), ""Mila Tis"" ("Talk to Her"), ""Na M' Agapas"" ("You Should Love Me") and "Cairo" became radio hits. That year, Rouvas won the World Music Award as Best-Selling Greek Artist of 2004. In September he gave a charity concert at the Olympic Indoor Hall for an audience of 20,000 (the largest production by any Greek entertainer until Rouvas surpassed the record in 2009), followed by a concert in Patras.