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einai              erotas              agapo              giati              erota              agapis              psihi              mousiki              stigmes              stin              eimai              stous              epitihies              tragoudia              megales              treli              apopse              stigmi              apenanti              tragoudi              eheis              itan              nihta              chronia              hronia              koritsia              pethaino              kalimera              paradisou              kravgi              horis              feggari              kardia              mazi              leipei              oneira              paidi              tragouda              eimaste              tipota              kosmou              prosopo              gynaikes              rantevou              dakrya              akoma              poios              afto              mporo              nyhta             

Examples of "agapes"
Panos Katsimihas (Vocals on “Anoites Agapes”, Harmonica, Tambourine, Percussion)
On December 3, 2014, Melikov released his first singles - "Merry Christmas" and its Greek version, "Hristougenniatikes Agapes" through iTunes
"Ponane Oi Agapes" (; ) is a 2013 pop song by the Greek-Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou. It was released on 31 May 2013.
Flunch is a French fast casual restaurant chain, owned by the Agapes Restauration group. The word 'flunch' is a portmanteau of 'fast' and 'lunch'; it has become part of French slang, coining the verb, 'fluncher'.
In 1996, the band's first platinum album followed: O Baboulas Tragoudai Monos tis Nychtes (The Boogeyman Sings Alone At Nights), including the hits "I Palies Agapes Pane Ston Paradiso" and "Na Me Thymithis".
At the end of 2003, Mando recorded a new double album with Alpha records called "Oi agapes fevgoun, ta tragoudia menoun" (The loves are gone by, the songs remain).
"Tipota De Mas Stamata" (; ) is a song recorded by Greek Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou. It was released on 18 January 2016 on radio stations and digitally on 25 January 2016. It is the first single of the singer since her 2013 non-album single "Ponane Oi Agapes". The song was written and produced by Michalis Kouinelis.
Oi Agapes Fevgoun, Ta Tragoudia Menoun is the eleventh studio album by Mando. It was released in December 2003 and has gone Platinum in Greece. It is a double CD; on the first CD, Mando sings old Greek successful songs and on the second CD, she performs five new songs.
The song "Perasmenes mou Agapes" was played at the filming of the DVD, but had to be cut for copyright reasons. Fan filmed footage of this song has surfaced, though. One of the on-stage cameramen can be seen on this recording, proving it to be from the night of the taping.
The instrumental song Perasmenes mou Agapes, originally by Manolis Chiotis, was cut at the final stages of the release for copyright reasons. The song had a few live performances by Firewind including at the Gagarin Open Air festival in Athens 2007. It was also played on January 12, 2008 during the filming of Live Premonition but was cut from the DVD.
Their next album, Yia Tous Prigkipes tis Dytikis Ohthis (1994) was certified gold. Big hits were included in the album, such as "De Tha Dakryso Pia Gia Sena", "Anites Agapes" (along with Haris & Panos Katsimihas) and "Ti Ine Afto Pou Mas Chorizi", written by the Serbian composer Sasa Dragic. After the album's release, Pyx Lax were often referred to as the "Princes of the West Bank". (The West Bank of Kifissos river in western Athens.) According to Pliatsikas:
The Orthodox Church in Albania has taken various social initiatives. It started with health care, by organizing from 1999, diagnostic center “The Annunciation” Orthodox Diagnostic Center in Tirana, with some of Albania's most renowned doctors and administers health care and most contemporary health services in 23 different specialties; four medical clinics, and one mobile dental clinic. The office “Service of Love” ("Diakonia Agapes") for along now is contributing in the increasing of midwives’ and nurses’ role offering those training projects and assistance.
The album features a number of guest artists. The recording of "Anites Agapes" was a collaboration with the song's creators Haris and Panos Katsimihas (the Katsimihas Brothers), who share the lead vocals on that track with Babis Stokas. On "Psichalizi sto Veligradi", a recitation in Serbian with a musical backdrop, Pyx Lax collaborated with the Serbian artist Bajaga. The music was composed by another Serb, Saša Dragić, who also wrote the music for "Ti Ine Afto Pou Mas Chorizi?". Finally, the lead vocals on "Mia Zoi Sto Risko" are by the guest singer Sotiria Leonardou, and Giorgos Stathos plays clarinet on “Lene Gia Mena”.
In mid-2012, Paparizou started recording a new album. She said in radio interviews that she was searching for a new style for her upcoming Greek album. She told MTV Greece that the album have 10 tracks. During October she recorded a laiko duet titled Lathos Agapes with Natasa Theodoridou; this peaked at number eleven in the official Greek Airplay Chart by Mediainspector. On 9 November, she performed a live, acoustic version of John Lennon song "Imagine" at a dinner for the 2012 Athens Classic Marathon. On 1 February 2013, Sony Music released digitally in Greek iTunes a second compilation album titled "The Love Collection", which consisted of love ballads from previous albums.
More than two years after her last single release "Ponane Oi Agapes", Adamou confirmed through her Instagram account that a new song and music video would be released. During an interview to "TLife!", she revealed the title of the single to be "Tipota De Mas Stamata" (Nothing Stops Us). The song was written and composed by Michalis Kouinelis and the first teaser of the song was released on 15 January 2016. Adamou was featured on Stavento's "Mi Staksi Ke Mi Vreksi" from their fifth studio album "Akoma Onirevome" (2016). The song marked their third collaboration on a song with the first two being "San Erthi I Mera" and "Na Sou Tragoudo". On 18 July 2016, Adamou released "Akou Sopa", a remake of the 2010 song "Un Bonito Final", originally by the Spanish group Los Rebujitos.
Adamou renewed her co-operation with Sony Music Greece on 5 April 2013. She revealed during her interview at MTV that her new album would have the title "Eho Ourano" (I Have Sky). Her next single, released on 31 May 2013, was titled "Ponane Oi Agapes" (Loves Hurt). For a fourth consecutive year, Adamou performed at the MAD Video Music Awards with Anise K and Shaya the song "Walking on Air". As Sony Music Greece was shut down, her album's release was cancelled. In January 2014, Adamou announced during one of her concerts that she would be returning with a new song after the small "break". She also revealed that the release of the song would be special. On 4 April 2014, Adamou appeared at the 2014 MadWalk along with Elisavet Spanou and Courtney Parker, where they all performed "Sway" for the Red Dress Act.
Pyx Lax (Πυξ Λαξ, Punching and Kicking) was a Greek rock band. Originally formed in 1989, they released their first recording in 1990, and had a critical and commercial success in the Greek music industry for fifteen years, before being dissolved in 2004. They are considered as the most successful, commercially, group in the history of Greek discography with three gold and five platinum albums (among which: Gia Tous Prinkipes Tis Dytikis Ochthis, Stilvi, Yparchoun Chrysopsara Edo?). Some of their greatest hits were: "De Tha Dakryso Pia Gia Sena", "Ti Ine Afto Pou Mas Enoni?", "I Palies Agapes Pane Ston Paradeiso", "Mia Synousia Mystiki", "Epapses Agapi na thymizeis", "Poula me", "Monaxia mou ola".
The principal source on Giorgi Dadiani is the early-18th-century history by Prince Vakhushti, who does not report his parentage; the primary sources available to him have been lost. Giorgi Dadiani is also known from undated inscriptions, in the Georgian "asomtavruli" script, from the territory of Odishi, which allow reconstruction of his genealogy. He was a son of "mandaturt-ukhutsesi" ("Lord High Steward") Bediani-Dadiani by his wife Khuashak, daughter of Bega, "eristavi" of Kartli, and had two brothers, Ioane and Erashahr. Giorgi is depicted in a fresco on the northern wall of the Khobi Cathedral, his own foundation, with a model of the church in his hands. An accompanying inscription identifies him as "mandaturt-ukhutsesi". Giorgi is further mentioned in two agapes from the Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem.
From 1989 he was a founding member of the most popular band in Greece “PIX LAX” and until 2004 when the band broke up, he wrote and sang songs like “I Palies Agapes Pane Sto Paradiso”, “Monaxia Mou Ola” “Epapses Agapi Na Thimizis” and many more. His solo career since 2004 has been equally impressive and his albums continue to reach gold and platinum sales. Songs like “Ti Den Emathe O Theos”, “Taxidevontas Me Allo Ixo- recorded from the live performance from Athens Concert Hall “Megaron” with the ERT classical orchestra of Contemporary Music, “Ena Vrochero Taxi”, the album “Omnia” which included tracks like “Pyos Exi Logo Stin Agapi”, “An Tha Borousa To Kosmo Na Allaza”, “Poli Chioni” and more.
"Tattoo" showcased the skill of Gallagher and his band across a number of genres from Delta and Chicago blues, the jazz-influenced "They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore" and blues-rock tracks such as "Tattoo'd Lady". According to his brother Gallagher was in a "prolific and confident mood" when he recorded it. The album showcased Gallagher's writing ability resulting in several songs that would go on to become staples of his live act. Tattoo'd Lady reflects Gallagher's love for the fairground life and its similarities to life on the road. "Cradle Rock" was inspired by the happy coincidence that Gallagher "rocked literally all his life" having been born at the "Rock Hospital" in Ballyshannon, Ireland. "Cradle Rock" was also covered by Joe Bonamassa as the first track on his debut album "A New Day Yesterday". Tattoo illustrates Gallagher's proficiency with all manner of guitar playing from acoustic to electric, various types of slide guitar, and mandolin. On the song "they don't make them like you anymore" Rory used the bouzouki of Greek virtouso Manolis Chiotis. Rory was a big fan of the Greek virtuoso, and as a tribute played "Perasmenes mou agapes" as an intro to the above-mentioned song.