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afroditi              karagianni              panagiota              vrettos              fotini              evanthia              nikoleta              tzeni              elisavet              ioanna              papadopoulou              angeliki              protopappa              irini              aikaterini              argiris              iliadi              konstantina              natassa              iakovou              valtinos              solomou              nikoletta              papatheodorou              anthi              stikoudi              tsiolakoudi              maltsi              stavroula              lavrentis              evangelia              ioannidou              dimitra              roumpesi              anthoula              eirini              voglis              tsaganeas              natasa              lambrou              thodoros              marsida              pantelidi              giannopoulou              georgiadou              avramidou              vasiliadis              evagelia              miltos              moraitidou             

Examples of "aggeliki"
Angélica (Spanish), Angelika (German, Polish),(Hungarian), Angélique (French), Anjelica (Brazilian, English), Anxélica (Galician), Angeliki or Aggeliki (Αγγελική, Greek).
Aggeliki Iliadi (), born in Athens, Attica on 16 September 1977), is a popular Greek woman folk singer.
Aggeliki Tsiolakoudi (Greek: Αγγελική Τσιολακούδη, , born 10 May 1976 in Alexandria, Egypt) is a Greek javelin thrower.
For the winter 2009–2010 season, Martakis appeared weekly at club "Theatro" alongside Nikos Kourkoulis and Aggeliki Iliadi in support of "Pio Konta".
Aggeliki Kalaitzi (; born c. 1984) is a Greek model and beauty pageant contestant who was crowned Miss Hellas 2008. She represented Greece at the Miss World 2008 pageant but did not place.
Agagiotou's real name was Aggeliki. She appeared in more than fifty films, including a well-received performance in the 1971 film "Evdokia". Her last appearance was in "To Retire".
Aggeliki Daliani (born August 11, 1979 in Athens) is a Greek actress. She is best known for her role as Maria in "Maria, i Aschimi", the Greek edition of the television series "Betty la Fea".
His son was also called Benizelos Rouphos and served as Prime Minister of Greece later on. Other members of the family served as mayors, members of parliament and ministers. He married Paraskevi Kostaki and apart from the aforementioned son they had a daughter called Aggeliki.
Skamneli also is the birthplace of the national benefactor Aggeliki Papazoglou (c. 1810-1891). Among else, she provided the funds for the building of a library for the University of Athens and built a school for girls in Ioannina, the Papazogleios.
Maria, i Aschimi (Μαρία, Η Άσχημη - Maria, The Ugly One) is the Greek adaptation of the Colombian telenovela "Betty la Fea". The series ran from 2007 to 2008 on Mega Channel in Greece. The series starred Aggeliki Daliani in the title role of Maria and Anthimos Ananiadis as the boss who became the man of her dreams.
His parents were Nicolas and Aggeliki from Assia. He was the first of three children. Papadopoulos attended the Ayios Kassianos and Elenio primary schools in Nicosia and then the Pancyprian Gymnasium. His father's circle which included lawyers and judges, were influential on his future career and he went on to study law at King's College London before becoming a barrister-at-law through Gray's Inn.
Aggeliki Iliadi and her label Platinum Records chose the song "Hilies Kai Mia Nihtes" (One thousand and one nights), composed by Kiriakos Papadopoulos with lyrics by Elias Filippou. The song features strong Greek music elements of Byzantine background, and has been described as being similar in style to a slow Tsifteteli. Lyrically, the song describes a great love that ends suddenly, and wanting to relive all the moments "one thousand and one nights" again.
Alps (, translit. "Alpeis") is a 2011 Greek drama film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. It stars Aggeliki Papoulia and Ariane Labed, and was co-written by Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou. It premiered in competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival where it won Osella for Best Screenplay. It also won the Official Competition Prize for New Directions in Cinema at the Sydney Film Festival in 2012.
(Aggeliki Labri): A brash tomboy who lost her father Apostolos in the plane crash, Aggela came to Athens in search of a job and an independent life far from her native countryside. She is the boldest of the five and carries a major chip on her shoulder. She has a kind heart, but her attitude and tendency to speak her mind has a side-effect: she can never keep friends or jobs for long and usually her first day on a job is also her last. When not hunting down bad guys (her favorite activity), she brings out her artistic nature by working part-time acting at a downtown theater, with controversial results.
Doutsi, originating from Naousa, auditioned for "The Voice of Greece" at the age of twenty-eight. Appearing on the sixth of the eight blind auditions, she auditioned with "I Agapi Argi" originally by Eleonora Zouganeli—with two coaches: Antonis Remos and Melina Aslanidou electing for her to join their teams; from which Doutsi selected Melina Aslanidou. During the battles, she performed "I Agapi Ine Zali" against Nicky Pappa–with Melina crowning her as the winner. In the first live show, she performed "My Way" and ended up in the bottom three but was not saved by her coach along with Aggeliki Zika.
A national final titled "EUROSONG 2013 - a MAD show" took place on 18 February 2013 at 9PM CET at the Gazi Music Hall in Athens. Aggeliki Iliadi, Alex Leon feat. Giorgina, Thomai Apergi, and Koza Mostra with Agathonas Iakovidis each sang their chosen song live; the winner was selected via 50% Televoting/SMS Messaging and 50% internal jury. The president of the jury, which included producer Dimitris Kontopoulos, music conductor Andreas Pilarinos, ERT programing executive Marina Lahana, and head of public relations for MAD TV Reggina Kouri, was singer and past Eurovision winner Vicky Leandros. The show was hosted by Despina Vandi and Giorgos Kapoutzidis. Kapoutzidis previously co-hosted the 2006 Greek national final, and also was co-commentator for Greece for the semi-final and final in 2006. The stage direction was done by Fokas Evagelinos, best known for choreographing many past successful Greek Eurovision entries., and the television director was Thanos Gkomozias.
In response to publications of Eleftherotypia's "Ios" which depicts "Jews: The Whole Truth" as a "Fascistic and anti-Semitic" book and Plevris as a "Fascist", Plevris launched a SLAPP-type libel suit against the newspaper for the sum of €1.2 million. All four journalists of "Ios" (Dimitris Trimis, Tasos Kostopoulos, Aggeliki Psarra, and Dimitris Psarras), editor-in-chief Serafeim Fintanidis, and the paper's published, were sued for €200,000 euros each. The official court date has not yet been set. Plevris also sued Panagiotis Dimitras of the Greek Helsinki Monitor for the sum of €200,000 as compensation for libel. The court date was set for 7 February 2008. In addition, Plevris counter-sued all seven executive members of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece for €200,000 each. The court date was set for 24 January 2008.
starring Aggeliki Daliani and Anthimos Ananiadis . Maria exudes intelligence, humor, and kindness, but what she is missing is conventional beauty. She considers her appearance to be an obstacle in her search for employment, despite her collection of degrees, which are displayed proudly by her parents, Kaiti and Irakles. Having no luck in her job search, Maria decides to try for a job for which she is overqualified, secretary to Alexis Mantas, the director of a noted fashion house called Ecomoda. Alexis is the most coveted bachelor in Athens, but he has recently gotten engaged to Markella, who tries to get him to choose her best friend, Lilian, to be his secretary and to keep an eye on him. Lilian doesn't have Maria's natural intelligence or fine education, but she has a beautiful appearance, which makes her a better superficial fit at the fashion house.
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