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Examples of "agges"
Argyrodite is an uncommon silver germanium sulfide mineral with formula AgGeS. The color is iron-black with a purplish tinge, and the luster metallic.
In mid-1885, at a mine near Freiberg, Saxony, a new mineral was discovered and named "argyrodite" because of the high silver content. The chemist Clemens Winkler analyzed this new mineral, which proved to be a combination of silver, sulfur, and a new element. Winkler was able to isolate the new element in 1886 and found it similar to antimony. Before Winkler published his results on the new element, he decided that he would name his element "neptunium", since the recent discovery of planet Neptune in 1846 had been preceded by mathematical predictions of its existence. However, the name "neptunium" had already been given to another proposed chemical element (though not the element that today bears the name neptunium, which was discovered in 1940). So instead, Winkler named the new element "germanium" (from the Latin word, "Germania", for Germany) in honor of his homeland. Argyrodite proved empirically to be AgGeS.