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mika_nakashima              kumi_koda              kobukuro              angela_aki              kana_nishino              koda_kumi              ken_hirai              miliyah_kato              namie_amuro              mai_kuraki              hitomi_shimatani              kimaguren              ketsumeishi              kiyoshi_hikawa              anna_tsuchiya              ami_suzuki              shota_shimizu              masaharu_fukuyama              porno_graffitti              kazumasa_oda              thelma_aoyama              yuna_ito              kaela_kimura              ikimono_gakari              maki_ohguro              seiko_matsuda              shikao_suga              yumi_matsutoya              nami_tamaki              shiori_takei              kyary_pamyu_pamyu              sowelu              hikaru_utada              ren_ai_shashin              seamo              greeeen              akina_nakamori              ayumi_hamasaki              mariya_takeuchi              rip_slyme              hiroshi_itsuki              yōsui_inoue              mihimaru_gt              monkey_majik              anata_wo              miho_nakayama              kyōko_koizumi              funky_monkey_babys              aishiteru              riyu             

Examples of "ai_otsuka"
Ai Otsuka — "Ren'ai Shashin" (from "Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru")
Ryo has also collaborated with some Avex label artists like Ai Otsuka and Ayumi Hamasaki.
"Re:Name" is a song by Japanese recording artist Ai Otsuka, released as single on October 3, 2013 by Avex Trax.
The discography of Ai Otsuka, a Japanese singer-songwriter, contains five studio albums, two compilation albums, eleven live DVD albums, and twenty-two singles.
Love Jam is the second album by Ai Otsuka, released on 17 November 2004 under the Avex Trax record label. This album was available in CD and CD+DVD editions. The first-press of the CD Only edition came with an 80-page illustration book drawn by Ai Otsuka herself (limited to 200,000 copies). The album hit #30 in 2005, selling 414,513 copies. In total, the album has sold about 656,708 copies.
Love Fantastic is the sixth studio album released by Ai Otsuka on 16 July 2014. It's her first album released in 6 years (last one - Love Letter - was released in 2008).
Love Tricky is the seventh studio album released by Ai Otsuka on 22 April 2015. It's her first studio album, that has not any single release prior release of the album.
On June 28, 2006, it was announced that "Like a Love?" would be composed by Ai Otsuka, a popular J-pop singer. This will be the first time Otsuka has composed for any other artist besides herself.
The film's theme song, "Ren'ai Shashin" (Love Photo), is a ballad sung by Ai Otsuka. The title of the movie was taken from the lyrics of the song. The single was released by Ai Otsuka on October 25, 2006. In its first week of sales, the single debuted at number 2, being Otsuka's highest debut sales of the year with 77,570 copies sold. The song also won the "Best Video From A Film" and "Best Pop Video" awards at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2007.
Love Is Best is the second 'Best of' compilation album to be released by Ai Otsuka on 11 November 2009. Its theme is love. It will come in both a CD-only format and a CD+DVD format. Fifteen songs are included. The first press edition comes with a pair of eyeglasses called "Love Eyes".
"Bye Bye" (バイバイ) is the 19th single from Japanese singer Ai Otsuka, and the fourth single to be released from her "Love Letter" album. It is her second re-cut single, and it will be the CM song for the Asahi Breweries LTD new low-alcohol beverage, The Asahi Slat.
Love Letter (stylised as LOVE LETTER) is the fifth studio album released by Ai Otsuka on 17 December 2008. It come in a CD-only format and CD + DVD format. Thirteen songs are included; four from her singles Pocket, Rocket Sneaker / One × Time (both songs as it is a double A-side single) and Kurage, Nagareboshi.
On December 18, one day after the album's release, it was stated that the song "Bye Bye" would be the 4th single off the album, giving Otsuka her 2nd recut single and 19th single overall as Ai Otsuka (21st overall including her singles as LOVE).
Some of their artists include Japanese artists such as AAA, Ai Otsuka, Dream, Namie Amuro, Do As Infinity, Every Little Thing, Gackt, Wagakki Band, Girl Next Door, Ayumi Hamasaki, Mai Oshima, Seikima-II, DREAM5, SKE48, S2nd and Tokyo Girls' Style, as well as foreign artists such as BoA, TVXQ, After School, Super Junior, O-Zone U-KISS, F(x), EXO and Lights Over Paris.
Love It (stylized as LOVE.IT) is the debut mini-album of Ai Otsuka under her pen name Love. It was released on November 18, 2009 under the label Avex Trax, and was released only one week after the release of Otsuka's compilation album "Love Is Best".
After his time with The Blue Hearts, Kajiwara was a member of The 3peace and of the band that played backup to Ai Otsuka, after which he began performing with The Big Hip. Most recently, he has started up a record label and is producing music.
Tomiko Van, the lead singer, pursued a solo career and debuted on March 29, 2006 with her album, "Farewell". Ryo Owatari, the guitarist, worked with his band, Missile Innovation, and released their first single on February 1, 2006. Owatari also worked with other Avex artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Ai Otsuka and AAA. Dai Nagao went on to work with Amasia Landscape and other artists under the True Song Music label, writing songs for various artists.
Rabbit is a Japanese band that was formed in 2012. Its line-up consists of Ai Otsuka (vocals, chorus), Toshiyuki Mori (keyboard), Watusi (bass guitar), Taiji Satou (guitar, vocals, and chorus), Takashi Numazawa (drums), and Sasuga Minami (chorus, motion). The band made its debut with their studio album "Rabito" (, lit. Naked People), which was released on 12 December 2012 and peaked at No. 61 on the Japanese Oricon weekly album chart. The album includes a version of the song "Moonlight", which was originally on Ai Otsuka's mini-album "Love It".
Three singles were released before the album: double A-Sided "Smily / Biidama", "Neko ni Fūsen" and "Planetarium". "Smily / Biidama" and "Planetarium" were the first two Ai Otsuka singles to reach the #1 spot in Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, and, having sold more than 300,000 copies each, are among her best-selling singles. All three singles are in the Oricon Top 100 Singles for 2005. On the other hand, "Cherish" had already been released as the final track in the various artists album "Love for Nana: Only 1 Tribute", a homage to the manga.
Each year since 2002, Avex has hosted a summer concert tour around Japan, "A-Nation", featuring the company's most successful acts. It is held every weekend in August in different Japanese cities. Top Avex acts like Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda, AAA, Ai Otsuka, BoA, Do As Infinity, Hitomi, TRF, Every Little Thing and TVXQ perform to major crowds each year. In 2008, Namie Amuro made her first appearance at A-Nation and performed on all dates that year. For the first time in 2012, Koda Kumi did not perform due to her pregnancy.