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Examples of "ailles"
The Ailles rectangle is a rectangle constructed from four right-angled triangles. It is named after high school teacher Doug Ailles, who showed how to find the values of trigonometric function of 15° and 75° with the Ailles rectangle.
Chermizy-Ailles is a commune in the Aisne department in Hauts-de-France in northern France.
Her debut album "Inoxydable", produced by Fred St-Gelais, was released on 28 September 2004. Over 120,000 albums were sold in Quebec (platinum certification) alone while the album was released in France in 2006. Several singles climbed high in the Quebec charts, including the songs "Il faut que tu t'en ailles" and "Encore une nuit", which reached the top of the Radio Énergie charts. In 2005, she won the prize for best Francophone music video at the MuchMusic Video Awards with "Il faut que tu t'en ailles". In support of her album, Marie-Mai played 87 shows and released a DVD of her concert, La Tournée Inoxydable.
Rather little is known about the history of the HD 20. From the January 1927 date of the Les Ailles article the first flight was probably in later 1926. The number built is also not known. One (D-1157), which appears on a reconstructed civil register, was owned by the Epro advertising agency and was destroyed on 21 November 1929. The HD.20 is also mentioned as a photographic survey aircraft in a 1930 review of the topic, though it does not show the camera positions.
Three German counter-attacks in the night were costly failures and about were captured by the French, along with seven machine-guns; on the night of two more German counter-attacks failed. On 31 August, a French party north-east of Craonne, wrecked of German trench south-east of Corbeny and returned with twelve prisoners. On the same day, a German raid to the south-east of Vauxaillon was repulsed, as was one in the Cerny region during the night of Four attacks on the Hurtebise Spur were made on 3 September, by three waves of German infantry, which failed to penetrate the French covering barrage. Simultaneous attempts were made to advance on the Ailles Plateau to the west of the spur and to the east, on the evening of 4 September and morning of 5 September. Attacks were made on the Casemates and on the Californie Plateau above Craonne, which were repulsed by artillery and machine-gun barrages.
Caves and tunnels had been used by the Germans as shelters for reserves, to reinforce the trench garrisons in the network of trenches running from the Ailette valley, over the Soissons–Laon railway, up the western slopes of the Mont des Singes, east of Vauxaillon and along the summit of the plateau above Laffaux, to the Laffaux Mill on the Laon–Soissons road. There the German trenches ran eastwards below the Fruty Quarry, crossed the road and ascended to the southern edge of the Malmaison plateau at Mennejean Farm. From the farm, the front line went north-eastwards to a point south of La Malmaison Farm, due west of the fort and to the right of the Soissons–Laon road. The line wound along the summit of the Malmaison Plateau to the Chevrégny Spur above the . West of the Chevrégny Spur, the villages except for Allemant, lay on lower ground between five spurs facing north. Froidmont Farm and the plateau north of the Chevrégny Spur and further east, on the Chemin-des-Dames ridge, along with several posts on the northern edge of the plateau, together with the villages of Courtecon, Cerny and Ailles on the northern slope, north-east of Craonne and the plain; Chevreux were also fortified.
The Guard was in reserve at the Battle of Montereau on 18 February 1814. At the Battle of Craonne on 7 March, Ney attacked prematurely on the right flank without artillery support, throwing Meunier's division at the Chemin des Dames ridge near Ailles around 9:00 am. Consequently, the 1st Young Guard Division suffered heavy losses. At 11:30 am after the French guns belatedly began bombarding the Russian position, Ney personally led Meunier's depleted division forward and they secured a foothold on the high ground. Despite cavalry support, Meunier's troops were driven off the ridge at 1:00 pm, but an hour later they won another foothold. As the Russians stubbornly retreated, Ney's survivors followed. At this time the 1st Young Guard Division was reduced to 865 men. Meunier was wounded in the right arm during the battle. During the Battle of Laon on 9 March, Ney's corps fought all day over the hamlet of Semilly, capturing it and being driven out more than once. The attack on Semilly was continued on 10 March before Napoleon was finally convinced that he must retreat.
On the night of the German retirement to the north bank of the Ailette began. To avoid alerting the French, no demolitions of shelters, tunnels and pillboxes were made and a screen of machine-gunners and riflemen was left on the summit of the ridge, to fire until just before dawn. The was completed without alerting the French, who bombarded the empty positions along the Chemin-des-Dames, during the morning of 2 November. A party of Chasseurs found an empty German trench and the field artillery opened a creeping barrage, behind which waves of infantry advanced over the crest. By mid-day Cerny was occupied, Cortecon was entered at and Ailles at which the Germans then bombarded with mustard-gas shell. The advance was cautious, due to fear that caves and tunnels had been mined but by the morning of 3 November, the French had advanced on a front to the south bank of the Ailette. North-east of Craonne, the ruins of Chevreux were occupied, patrols reached the southern outskirts of Corbeny and another twenty heavy and field guns were captured.