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ywar              kyar              hnget              hpyar              zauk              chaung              nyin              seik              kyee              kyauk              gyi              pyin              hpyu              kaing              hlyar              kwin              paung              kyet              euy              nyaung              ngathaingchaung              htan              laung              thaung              kyoet              gway              pyan              thit              htee              hmaw              kyaung              daung              naung              htun              kyin              gaung              myit              taing              chrey              ngwe              ngar              myaing              ruk              htauk              lagti              kaung              knhom              nyo              hkun              ngayokekaung             

Examples of "aing"
Nominal possession is expressed by two constructions: possessor + possessed (i.e. simple juxtaposition), e.g. "naing taata aak" "my father's name" (my father name), and possessor + "aing" + possessed ("aing" being a genitive postposition), e.g. "Nora aing nguu" "Nora's house".
Once the Skywalkers reach the Rift, they encounter an Aing-Tii ship. After receiving directions, Luke and Ben arrive at a small moon and find an Aing-Tii craft waiting for them. The lone Aing-Tii presents them with a challenge: to communicate with him via the Force. While using the Force, the Skywalkers are shocked to find that the monk shines in the Force just as brightly as Luke, but the Aing-Tii's presence differs than any others they have felt. The encounter is too much for Ben, and he is forced to give up. Luke, however, maintains contact for quite some time and passes the test. They learn the Aing-Tii's name is Tadar'Ro. Tadar'Ro gives them the coordinates to the Aing-Tii homeworld.
At half-past five, the Malay leader of the attacking party named Abang Aing was advancing under cover of the pilan and tried to set fire to Libau Rentap's fort. Abang Aing was struck by a musket shoot, wounded and fell to the ground. When the evening came Tuan Muda Charles Brooke's warriors had to carry Abang Aing back to their camp. When Libau Rentap and his warriors saw that Abang Aing was wounded, they beat their gongs and yelled loudly with cheers in triumph.
There are a few old longhouse sites at these areas such as Long Ampan Aing (to the western ear, Ampan Aing in Kenyah enunciation sounded like Abanang or Ampan Ayng, hence Sungai Abanang or Abanine), Long Bora (Sungai Bora), Long Taa, Ka Laeh, Lolau Mabo and Lidung Jelo. Long Ampan Aing and Lidung Jelo were the most important of the Kenyah Badeng settlements in Plieran in early 1820s.
Kyauk-aing is a village in Banmauk Township, Katha District, in the Sagaing Region of northern-central Burma.
A movie with the name "Tteokguk" (English title "New Year's Soup") was released in 1971 starring Yoon Jeong-hee and Um Aing-ran.
Discover what it’s like in Lidung Jelo, Ka Laeh and Long Ampan Aing with local Kenyah touring some of the old longhouse’s sites famous landmarks and history.
New concepts can also be expressed syntactically, e.g. through genitive constructions such as "preya aing nguu" "church" (lit. house of prayer), or through verbal paraphrase.
On the Aing-Tii homeworld, the monks are becoming restless and Tadar'Ro decides that even though the Skywalkers are not ready, they must travel to the Embrace, a series of caverns where the relics are stored. The Aing-Tii hopes that the two humans will be able to discover an item that would solve the problem. After a two-day hike, the trio arrives at a cave. Inside, the Skywalkers find thousands upon thousands of items.
Arriving at the coordinates, the Skywalkers find that it is a rocky and mostly barren world. They are greeted by the Aing-Tii with a mixture of aggression, welcome, and neutral disinterest. Tadar'Ro tells them via a Aing-Tii translation device that the monks' peaceful society is being torn in two. Recently, a prophet who made many accurate prophesies, proclaimed that Those Who Dwell Beyond the Veil (god-like figures in the Aing-Tii religion) would return in his lifetime, then he died. This has led to much controversy, which was tearing apart Aing-Tii society. Tadar'Ro agrees to tell the two humans about Jacen's visit, teach Luke the ability to teleport objects using the Force, and teach Ben the ability to flow-walk. In return, the two Skywalkers must collect relics, various sacred artifacts that have a residue of Force power on them and ordained to be collected by Those Who Dwell Beyond the Veil, but the Aing-Tii are also banned from touching them.
Sidoktaya is a township level town and the township consists of 46 village tracts (total of 120 villages). The large villages include Pa-Aing, Kyee-Wa, Dabwin, Buywa, Ohnwah, Khwemalaung and Myaynigone.
One other means of expressing aspectual (or mood) nuances is provided by the use of a second set of emphatic tense suffixes which replace the simple suffixes, namely "-aing" emphatic affirmative, "-uing" habitual past and "-uting" emphatic future.
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Within a month of his defeat, OKP Nanang rebuilt the stockade, but it was attacked again by Mr. Watson, Bakir, and Abang Aing. Very shortly after its reconstruction, the doomed fortress was completely demolished.
Rama postpositions perform roughly the same functions as English prepositions, as in "tkii su "on the ground", "tawan ki "in (the) town", "nah u "with me", "nguu aing "of the house", etc.
The current Mayor of Penang Island is Patahiyah binti Ismail, who assumed office in 2015. The position of the City Secretary is held by Yew Tung Seang, who took over in 2017 following the retirement of his predecessor, Ang Aing Thye.
SNL Korea was met with heavy criticism after airing a sketch that featured a joke about actress Um Aing-ran's chest. Um had been diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year and underwent surgery. Jung Yi Rang, the actress who portrayed Um in the sketch, was unaware of the severity of the condition and issued an apology to Um.
The fort at Nanga Skrang was then managed by William Brereton and he was being supported by two of the best and the most capable Malay Chiefs, Pengiran Matali who was a Brunei of rank, and another Malay Chief named Abang Aing who was a Malanau from Matu at the mouth of the Batang Rajang River.
In other cases (including kinship relations), a genitive pronoun (formed from the pronominal prefix + "-aing") precedes the possessed noun, e.g. naing puus / nguu / aak / tiiskama / taata / tairung" "my cat / house / name / child / father / sister", maing kaulingdut" "your family (lit. your people)", yaing aak" "his/her name", nsulaing rama kuup" "our Rama language".
Meanwhile, Yeung and his goons breaks into Rachel's house, who holds her mother hostage and forces her to get a Carnot virus sample from the ACDC headquarters. The next day, while Yeung and Rachel are leaving the building after obtaining the virus sample, a security personnel triggers the alarm, causing a chase through the city. Yeung crashes the getaway vehicle and flees on foot. He calls his father and tells him to bring Cheung-aing to meet him at the train station. Jon, who was nearby to meet up with Rachel, witnesses the event and join in the pursuit of Yeung. Working together, Jon and Yeung managed to hold off the corrupted police officers long enough for them to board a train to escape. Jon persuades Yeung to surrender himself but the two brothers got embroiled in a fist fight. They were later intercepted by the police at a train depot, where Tin sacrifices himself in order to let Yeung and Cheung-aing escape, but Cheung-aing was caught by a henchman and Jon arrested by the police.