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Examples of "ainn"
In 1956 San Diego initiated the Fiesta del Pacifico. The Institute had for several years previously sponsored an all-county art exhibit in the Institute’s galleries. With the advent of the Fiesta del Pacifico, this show was sponsored by both the Fiesta and the Institute. In 1956, 213 objects of art were selected by the jury. for the first co-sponsored exhibition: oil paintings, watercolors, graphic arts and other media including sculpture. Cash, merchandise and purchase awards were granted by both the Fiesta and the Institute as well as by local business firms, industrial corporations and individuals. Numerous awards of distinction were also made. AInn 1957 a similar exhibition was co-sponsored by the Fiesta del Pacifico and the San Diego Art Institute. 229 objects of art were selected by the jury for exhibition and similar awards were made.
"The Colorado Independent," first called "Colorado Confidential," was founded as part of a network of local state-based websites that covered regional news, focusing on local government and politics. The network of sites was run by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Independent Media, later called the American Independent News Network. AINN began shut down its websites in the spring of 2013 due to funding issues. With funding from two local Colorado foundations, editor Susan Greene and managing editor John Tomasic relaunched "The Colorado Independent" as an independent entity run in Colorado by Coloradans with broader reporting, a new design and a team of some of the state’s best journalists, many former veterans from "The Denver Post" and "Rocky Mountain News." In addition to the two local Colorado foundations, The Gill Foundation and the Bohemian Foundation, "The Colorado Independent" is also supported by grants by the Zell Family Foundation, the Douglas H. Phelps Foundation, and individual online contributions by readers.
The AFA was greatly displeased with the designation as a hate group, calling the list "slanderous". In response to the SPLC's announcement, some members of the Christian right "called on Congress to cut off their funding." J. Matt Barber of "The Washington Times" said that the SPLC was "marginalizing" themselves by giving the AFA the same hate group designation shared by the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. Tony Perkins, the president of Family Research Council (FRC) – an organization also named a hate group – asked the SPLC to strike the new designation, but they held their position. Ken Williams commented that in reaction, the FRC and the AFA joined with other "pro-family" organizations targeted by the SPLC to establish a new website, an online petition called "Start Debating/Stop Hating" to counter the SPLC, and they took out full page ads in two Washington D.C. newspapers, defending their work "to protect and promote natural marriage and the family." The advertisement stated the "undersigned stand in solidarity" with the organizations designated as hate groups, and that they "support the vigorous but responsible exercise of the First Amendment rights of free speech and religious liberty that are the birthright of all Americans." House Speaker-Designate John Boehner and the governors of Louisiana, Minnesota and Virginia were among those signing the statement. The SPLC addressed the new website statement; Potok was quoted by David Weigel of "Slate" magazine as saying, "the SPLC's listings of these groups is based on their propagation of known falsehoods – claims about LGBT people that have been thoroughly discredited by scientific authorities – and repeated, groundless name-calling." The American Independent News Network (AINN) noted that the AFA had recently denounced Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan as a lesbian unfit for office – AINN stated that "she's not" a lesbian – and that Fischer said Hitler's savage and brutal methods were only possible because he and most of his stormtroopers were gay. Jillian Rayfield of "Talking Points Memo" noted the irony in the website calling the SPLC a "radical Left" group "spreading hateful rhetoric" yet elsewhere declaring that the debates of the Christian right "can and must remain civil – but they must never be suppressed through personal assaults that aim only to malign an opponent's character."