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On September 5, Cute released their 19th single, titled "Aitai Aitai Aitai na". The song premiered at the first concert of the Hello! Project 15th Anniversary Live 2012 Summer tour, on July 21 at the Onyx Theater in Osaka.
AAA appeared on May 9, 2010 episode of "Music Japan", where they performed "Aitai Riyū". They appeared on "Music Station" on May 14, 2010 and performed "AItai Riyū". AAA performed both songs on their "AAA Heart to Heart Tour 2010", with Komuro playing the piano during "Aitai Riyū".
In February 2013, xxxHOLiC drama started on Wowow, and Suga Shikao's "Aitai" is used as its opening theme song.
Also featured on the single is the music video for "Aitai" from Kato's fourth studio album "Ring", the video for "Aitai" later won the Best R&B Video award at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2010 on May 29, 2010.
The song "Aitai Aitai Aitai na" was premiered at the first concert of the Hello! Project 15th Anniversary Live 2012 Summer tour, on July 21 at the Onyx Theater in Osaka. The single will be released in five versions: Regular Edition and Limited Editions A, B, C, and D. The Regular Edition and the Limited Edition D are CD-only. The Limited Editions A, B, and C include a DVD. All the limited editions are shipped sealed and include a serial-numbered entry card for the lottery to win a ticket to one of the single's launch events.
Komuro composed AAA's double A-side single "Aitai Riyū/Dream After Dream (Yume Kara Sameta Yume)." The single was released on May 5, 2010.
The B-side has two songs: "Fujjin" (theme song of the movie "Kanikousen", also a song from the album "Aurora") and "Aitai kimochi" (an unreleased song).
The single also includes a remixed version of "Ano Hito ni Aitai," the song used in Oronamin C commercial series, starring Ueto herself, and an acoustic version of "Kaze".
She has 3 singles which have been sung more than once, which are "Namida Koi" (2 times (in 1973 & 2000)), "Mō Ichidō Aitai" (2 times (1976 & 1993)), and "Funauta" (3 times (1979, 1991, and 1999)).
Six versions of the single exist: a CD only version, two DVD editions, and three Mu-Mo store exclusive versions. DVD edition A featured the music video for the song, while DVD edition B featured a documentary on the making of the music video for their previous single "Aitai Riyū."
Her hit song, titled "Chiisaki Mono" or "Make a Wish" (English Version), was used in the sixth Pokémon movie, (Japanese: "Nanayo no Negai Boshi"; literally "Wishing Star of Seven Nights"). Other notable songs include "Hitotsubu no Tane ~Love the Earth~", "Snowdrop", "Jibun Shinjite" and "Mou Ichido Anata ni Aitai".
Due to the popularity of "Aitai Riyū", they were invited to make their debut appearance on Kōhaku Uta Gassen that year, greatly heightening the group's exposure. In December, member Urata released his own single "Dream On" featuring his good friend and label mate Ayumi Hamasaki. The single reached number one on the Oricon charts, raising his own profile and that of the group.
It was the site of a true story about romance between two dogs who lived on neighboring islands that was made into the 1988 Japanese film "I Want to See Marilyn" (Marilyn ni Aitai). It is now a popular beach and diving destination for visitors to Okinawa.
In 2010, AAA's double A-side 24th single "Aitai Riyū/Dream After Dream ~Yume Kara Sameta Yume~" topped the Oricon weekly charts in May 2010, becoming their second number one single on the charts. The single was hyped as the comeback work of composer Tetsuya Komuro, which helped in promoting the single.
The locals frequently sighted Shiro paddling across the (3 km) strait. His feat was so amazing that it gained national recognition and inspired the film: Marilyn ni Aitai (I want to see Marilyn). Marilyn died in 1987, bringing an end to Shiro's seafaring days, and he himself died at the advanced age of 17. There is a statue of Shiro on Nishihama beach (his point of departure) and a similar monument to Marilyn also exists on Zamamijima.
During August 2009 Tetsuya Komuro had composed about 60 demo songs. He was asked by Avex to work with AAA to which he agreed and chose two of the demos that he felt fitted the group perfectly. Recording for the single took place during January 2010. "Aitai Riyū" was written by Kyasu Morizuki, which has been described as mid-tempo ballad; while "Dream After Dream (Yume Kara Sameta Yume)" was written by Kenn Kato and was described as a dance-pop number. This is his comeback to the music scene since he was arrested two years ago for .
The single features two B-sides: and . "Marginal Man" is a rock song, recorded with Abe's band for her live performances instead of with a producer. It was written in her second year of high school, and is about the anger Abe felt of feeling like students were experiment subjects. She found it difficult to show her music director the song, due to the confusing changes of tempo and the song's structure. "Aitai yo" is an acoustic ballad, written in Abe's third year of high school. It is written about the same boy as "Anata no Koibito ni Naritai no Desu."
It was announced on September 7, 2012, that "xxxHolic" will be adapted into a live action TV series for airing at February 24, 2013 on WOWOW. Anne Watanabe plays the role of Yuko Ichihara, while Shota Sometani plays the character Kimihiro Watanuki. The series is directed by Keisuke Toyoshima. It ran for eight episodes. It features "Aitai" from Suga Shikao as its opening theme song. The series was collected in a box released in both DVD and Blu-ray format on November 6, 2013.
Prior to her debut, Kawakami planned on releasing one digital single per month for twelve months, with a plan to release a debut physical album after the twelve singles. In 2009, she released "Go! Let's Go!," "Hurricane Love," "Lonely Flight," and "Aitai yo... Love You" in September, October, November, and December respectively. For 2010, she released "Flying Rabbit" on January 27, "Sakura Mau" on February 17, "Mō Ichido..." on March 17, "Brightest Way" on April 7, "Sōda-mi no Kiss" on May 19, "Namida no Naka Kimi o Mitsuke Ta" on June 16, and "Hāto no bakudan" on July 7. She will release her twelfth single "Ima Sugu Kiss Me" on August 11. Her debut physical album, self-titled "Jurian Beat Crisis", is expected to be released on September 1, 2010.
On paper Ay-O signs using roman letters and his kanji (靉嘔). As for the origin of the name from Ay-O's own and most recent retrospective catalog "Over the rainbow once more" (2012), page 75: "Ay-O, an unusual pseudonym for a Japanese, was conceived during Ay-O's third year at Tokyo Kyoiku University, when he had his friends choose then favorite sounds from the Japanese syllabary A, I, U, E and O. The result: 'AIO.' To express this name, he selected the kanji character 'ai,' from aitai (靉靆) meaning a scene of drifting clouds, and the kanji character 'ou' (long 'o') from the title of Jean-Paul Sartre's novel. 'Outo' (嘔吐)for ('Nausea')."