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yumiko              harumi              atsuko              machiko              chinami              eriko              kumiko              mayumi              ikuko              etsuko              takako              chiaki              yukiko              chiharu              chieko              yousuke              makiko              mieko              chikako              tomoko              michiyo              miwako              junko              fumiko              yasuko              haruko              hiroko              kazuko              hiromi              yuriko              eiko              utako              masumi              sachiko              narumi              tasuku              chihiro              kikuko              mutsumi              sumiko              miyoko              chisato              yurie              misako              noriko              shinobu              suguru              emiko              sayuri              kazue             

Examples of "akemi"
Emi Tomimatsu (Paraestra Matsudo) vs. Akemi Ogawa (TK Esperanza)
Hoshino got another KO victory against Akemi Torisu, whom she defeated on at "Smackgirl: Starting Over".
Akemi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:
Otsuka and his wife, Akemi, have one son, Toranosuke, and one daughter, Hikaru.
Malik was married to Akemi. Together they had a daughter Akira.
Akemi Kuniyoshi-Kuhn piano/Marcio Mattos double bass/Eddie Prévost drums
Akemi Sugiyama (; born March 1, 1965) is a Japanese former volleyball player who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics.
The film also stars Akira Takarada, Akemi Kita, Kei Tani, and Wakako Sakai, with a cameo by Jun Tuzaki.
She is voiced by Akemi Kanda in the Japanese anime and by Laura Bailey in the English dub.
Sandra Akemi Sakata (August 24, 1940 – September 21, 1997) was an American fashion designer and fashion retailer.
Tomie and her husband leave the summer house. Yoko gets Toyoko to confess that Toyoko had an affair with Yoko's husband. Toyoko tells Yoko that Akemi, her daughter, is the daughter of Yoko's husband. Akemi, who brings groceries to the summer house, is getting married. The two elderly women visit the marriage ceremony and watch various traditional stylized costumed dances of sexual rituals.

10th Order Male student Seat No.1 Adachi Shingo, Female student Seat No.15 Kinoshita Akemi. These two must each send two messages saying [Go die] to their classmates. The classmates who receive the message will die an accidental death. [Order Completed Seat No.15 Kinoshita Akemi]
Before too long, mermaids from Angel's Island arrive and kidnap Eiji and Akemi, taking them back to the island. There, the sinister and deceitful Pyoma attempts to make Akemi a sacrificial offering, while Eiji meets Soleiu, Luna's older sister. Together, Eiji and Soleiu discover the mysteries behind Angel's Island.
Later, Midnight meets a young woman named Akemi, who is an art prodigy from Japan who takes advanced-placement classes at Pratt Institute. Eventually, despite neither of them being able to understand each other’s language, Midnight and Akemi fall in love and decide to marry. Midnight tries to manage his life with Akemi and look out for his family and hang out with his friends while managing his family's newly opened business. He comes to terms with struggles that occur from day to day.
In 1978 he married Alicia Valdez in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila. The couple had three children: Akemi (1980), Harumi (1984) and Kisei (1986).
Artwork and covers for the magazine were often drawn by artist Akemi Takada. From 1993 onwards, the covers usually featured the magazine's mascot, Mana.
Ashton Road was founded in January 2012 by former Microsoft executive Akemi Sagawa, former East West Partners executive Joann Hamick and Hollywood interior designer Carol Kipling.
is a soundtrack album featuring background music from the adventure video game "" (known internationally as "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney"), composed by Masakazu Sugimori and arranged by Akemi Kimura.
Volume 2 primarily features Nagisa Aizawa and Mikan Akemi. Songs included are sung by Nagisa; sung by Mikan; and Silent Note sung by Nagisa and Mikan.
Akemi Noda (野田 朱美, born October 13, 1969 in Komae, Tokyo, Japan) is a former Japanese female football player and manager.