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Alberto Martinez or Alberto Martínez may refer to:
Semifinalist: Clear Cantù (Italy) Pace Mannion, Adrian Caldwell, Alberto Tonut, Alberto Rossini, Giuseppe Bosa, Angelo Gilardi, Andrea Gianolla, Luigi Corvo, Enrico Milesi, Pietro Bianchi, Alberto Angiolini, Stefano Mantica
Alberto Bojórquez Pérez Perez Alberto Bojorquez, Promoting tourism and the peninsula.
In 2014,she starred in José Alberto Castro's "La malquerida" alongside Victoria Ruffo, Ariadne Díaz and Alberto Estrella.
Carlos Alberto Pinha da Rocha or simply Carlos Alberto (born May 2, 1973) is a retired Brazilian professional footballer.
Delegates: Gonzalo Facio, Alberto Canas, Alfonso Goicoechea, Edmond Woodbridge, Alberto Lorenzo, Carlos Manuel Gutierrez, Gonzalo Ortiz Martin and Miguel Bourla
Carlos Alberto is a common Portuguese and Spanish given name (in English Charles Albert, in Italian Carlo Alberto).
Juan Alberto Fortes Gutiérrez, known as Alberto Fortes, is a Spanish author and chef residing in Frankfurt, Germany.
José Alberto Castro (born José Alberto Sáenz-Castro, 31 May 1963) is a Mexican producer and director.
After the death of Alberto Spencer, the Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol renamed the stadium to Estadio Modelo Alberto Spencer Herrera.
Galleria Alberto Sordi, until 2003 Galleria Colonna, is a shopping arcade in Rome named after the actor Alberto Sordi.
Pablo Alberto Cerioni, known as Alberto Cerioni, Paolo Cerioni or Alberto Paolo Cerioni (born October 1, 1919 in La Plata; died in 1948) was an Argentine professional football player.
Alberto and Elena Cortina Foundation ("Fundación Alberto y Elena Cortina" in Spanish) is a nonprofit organization, of Spanish nationality, founded by Alberto Cortina and his wife Elena Cué, on July 8, 2011.
Alberto comes to see Eleonora at her father's house. Her asks her where Tessa is and Eleonora tells him she is dead when in fact Tessa has retired to a nunnery following the death of Ranero. Alberto plans to take Eleonora with him this time but Eleonora resists the idea saying that Alberto always treated her just like everyone else. Alberto apologizes to her.
Alberto slits the tent of Barbarossa and slips in, only to be confronted by Barbarossa who asks where he got his knife and Alberto says some time ago Barbarossa himself gave the knife to him. Out of gratitude for saving his life, Barbarossa lets Alberto go. As Alberto prepares to slip out of the German camp he sees Barozzi come into the camp.
In July former army chief Luciano Benjamin Menendez and former army officials Oreste Valentin Padovan, Ricardo Alberto Ramon Lardone, Carlos Alberto Diaz, and Luis Alberto Manzanelli were sentenced to life imprisonment for human rights violations committed during the military dictatorship. Former army officials Hermes Oscar Rodriguez, Jorge Exequiel Acosta, and Carlos Alberto Vega received sentences ranging from 18 to 22 years' imprisonment.
Lupo Alberto ("Alberto the Wolf") is an Italian comic book series created by Guido Silvestri (Silver) in 1974. It details the adventures of Lupo Alberto, a blue wolf. The protagonist of the comic book, Lupo Alberto, takes the shape of the common man who has a goal in life and a certain amount of bad luck. Alberto, a resident of the McKenzie farm, always tries to steal a hen named Martha (who is his girlfriend), but Moses, a sheepdog, is the obstacle to his plans and does everything to stop him. The conflicts between Alberto and Moses were the subject of the first strips of the series.
His older brother Ricardo Alberto Frione also played football professionally. To distinguish them, Ricardo Alberto was referred to as Frione I and Francisco as Frione II.
Alberto Cifuentes Martínez (born 29 May 1979), known simply as Alberto, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Cádiz CF as a goalkeeper.
Alberto Estrella (born Alberto Rodríguez Estrella; 23 September 1962) is a Mexican actor. He has appeared in more than 90 films and television shows since 1986.