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There is also a great need for biomarkers for the detection of breast cancer – currently biomarkers only exist for monitoring later stages of cancer. Secretomic analysis of breast cancer cell lines led to the discovery of the protein ALCAM as a new biomarker with promising diagnostic potential.
O. N. Sunde is a Norwegian holding company owned by Olav Nils Sunde. Through its subsidiaries the group operates in many industries, including shipping, real estate, sports and clothing retail, and insulation. Operating subsidiaries include Color Group, Sunpor Kunststoff, Gresvig, Voice Norge, Alcam and O.N. Sunde Eiendom. Corporate head offices are located in Oslo.
In the Furu-Awa Subdivision (Northern Cameroon bordering to Nigeria), three missions of ALCAM (Atlas Linguistique du Cameroun) between 1984 and 1986 investigated three Non-Jukunoid languages, among which Bikya and Bishuo are probably Beboid, but Busuu has been unable to be classified. All of these languages were spoken only by a few older inhabitants of the five villages Furu-Awa, (Furu-)Nangwa (Busuu-speaking), (Furu-)Turuwa, (Furu-)Sambari (Bishuo-speaking) and Furubana (Bikya-speaking). Lexical analysis has shown that while Bishuo has 24% lexical similarity with neighboring Beboid languages Nsaa and Nooni and Bikya has 16% resp. 17% similarity with them, Busuu has just 8% resp. 7%.
Activation of MMP-2 requires proteolytic processing. A complex of membrane type 1 MMP (MT1-MMP/MMP14) and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 2 recruits pro-MMP 2 from the extracellular milieu to the cell surface. Activation then requires an active molecule of MT1-MMP and auto catalytic cleavage. Clustering of integrin chains promotes activation of MMP-2. Another factor that will support the activation of MMP-2 is cell-cell clustering. A wild-type activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (ALCAM) is also required to activate MMP-2.
As a Center Ring language of Narrow Grassfields, a subdivision of Wide Grassfields within the Southern Bantoid languages, Mmen is part of a cluster including six other languages i.e. Babanki, Bum, Kom, Kuk, Kung and Oku (Lewis 2009). The name Mmen ([mɛn]) comes from the verb sé mwɛ̀yn [sémɣɛ̀yn] ‘to open up thick bush-covered land’ and is used by the speakers referring to both their language and their land. It was also used by surrounding people until the German colonizers entered the area and gave it the name Bafumen . Bafumen is also the name of the village where the largest number of speakers is found i.e. 30 000 (Troyer, et al. 1995:8). Ethnologue (Lewis 2009) and ALCAM, Atlas Linguistique du Cameroon (Dieu and Renaud 1983) use the name and spelling Mmen and is therefore the name used within this paper as well. Other villages where Mmen is spoken are Cha’, Yemgeh, Nyos, Ipalim among others.
CD166 antigen is a 100-105 kD typeI transmembrane glycoprotein that is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily of proteins. In humans it is encoded by the "ALCAM" gene. It is also called CD166 (cluster of differentiation 166), MEMD, SC-1/DM-GRASP/BEN in the chicken, and KG-CAM in the rat. Some literature sources have also cited it as the CD6 ligand (CD6L). It is expressed on activated T cells, activated monocytes, epithelial cells, fibroblasts, neurons, melanoma cells, and also in sweat and sebaceous glands. CD166 protein expression is reported to be upregulated in a cell line deriving from a metastasizing melanoma. CD166 plays an important role in mediating adhesion interactions between thymic epithelial cells and CD6+ cells during intrathymic T cell development. Recently, CD166 has also been used as a potential cancer stem cell marker.
On 23 December 1956, the Territorial Assembly of Cameroon () was replaced by the Legislative Assembly of Cameroon () and parliamentary elections were scheduled. Candidates were authorised to present themselves in their own name. Mbida and his team (Cococam et affiliated memberships) ) stood for election. At ALCAM, they created the Parliamentary Group of Cameroonian Democrats composed of 21 members with Mbida as leader. Mbida set up the internal autonomy of the UN Trust Territory of the Cameroons under French administration. On 16 April 1957, the latter became an autonomous State. On 12 May 1957, by 56 votes against 10 votes and 4 abstentions, he was appointed first President of the Council of Ministers, first head of government and the facto Head of State of French speaking Cameroon. This designation was very symbolic because he was the second African-born Prime Minister in the Sub-Saharan Africa and the first Head of State of Cameroon.
Whether BBB dysfunction is the cause or the consequence of MS is disputed, because activated T-Cells can cross a healthy BBB when they express adhesion proteins. Apart from that, activated T-Cells can cross a healthy BBB when they express adhesion proteins. (Adhesion molecules could also play a role in inflammation) In particular, one of these adhesion proteins involved is ALCAM (Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule, also called CD166), and is under study as therapeutic target. Another protein involved is CXCL12, which is found also in brain biopsies of inflammatory elements, and which could be related to the behavior of CXCL13 under methylprednisolone therapy. Some molecular biochemical models for relapses have been proposed.
After leaving the Council of Ministers, Jean Ramadier conversed again with Ahmadou Ahidjo. On the evening of 11 February 1958, dramatic turn of events, the parliamentary group Cameroonian Union of Ahmadou Ahidjo dissociated from Mbida and resigns from the government coalition. To this end, he published a press release. As soon as the press release issued, the parliamentary group of Independent Peasants showed solidarity with the group of Cameroonian Union and also resigned from the Mdida's government coalition. The press in Cameroon has as a headline "the Bamiléké (with the exception of Mathias Djoumessi) show solidarity with the North's elected members'’. Also on 11 February, Ramadier met Daniel Kemajou, president of ALCAM and asked him to provide his efforts to convince Mbida to resign or to push out Mbida.