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Examples of "aldus"
Aldus PhotoStyler was a software developed by the Taiwanese company Ulead. The Aldus Prepress group identified the product as a potential acquisition for Aldus since they did not have an imaging product that could compete with Adobe Photoshop. The acquisition was completed in 1992 and Aldus PhotoStyler was launched. The product disappeared from the Adobe product line after Adobe acquired Aldus in 1994.
The "Aldus Journal of Translation", a publication from Brown University, is named after Aldus Manutius.
Silicon Beach was acquired by Aldus in 1990, and Aldus in turn by Adobe Systems in 1994.
Not included was software from Aldus; Aldus Photostyler SE and Aldus Gallery Effects Vol. 1, but pictures of both titles can be seen on the back of the 3DO Blaster packing box.
In 1993, Aldus bought After Hours Software and incorporated its products, TouchBase Pro and DateBook Pro, into the Aldus Consumer Division.
When Silicon Beach Software was acquired by Aldus Corporation, Digital Darkroom continued to be published by the Aldus Consumer Division, but was never updated to include color.
Aldus completed commissions for actor David Jason and ice skater Christopher Dean. Aldus was also commissioned to paint Britain's first black female mayor Lydia Simmons in Slough 1984. Aldus has also done work for Freddie Starr, the Duchess of Devonshire, Lord Carrington and rock star Jamiroquai.
Aldus Corporation was a software company that developed desktop publishing (DTP) software. It is known for developing PageMaker, an early product in the desktop publishing field. The company is named after 15th-century Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, and was founded by Jeremy Jaech, Mark Sundstrom, Mike Templeman, Dave Walter, and chairman Paul Brainerd. Aldus Corporation was based in Seattle, Washington.
The font family was premiered on 2005-11-24, the same day as Hermann Zapf’s 87th birthday celebration. A new digitisation of Aldus named Aldus nova was created at the same time.
Aldus is named for the Venetian Renaissance printer Aldus Manutius. The decision annoyed Zapf (who preferred the name "Palatino Book") since it bears little direct resemblance to Aldus's typefaces.
Aldus developed the TIFF and OPI industry standards. The three founders of Visio Corporation left Aldus in 1990 to create the product which later became known as Microsoft Office Visio.
Aldus, a software company founded in Seattle in 1985, that created PageMaker for the Apple Macintosh, is named after Manutius and used his profile as part of their company logo. Aldus was purchased by Adobe Systems in 1994.
In Venice Arsenius became a friend of Erasmus of Rotterdam and collaborated with Aldus Manutius.
The heir apparent's heir apparent is his son Hon. Aldus Jack Brabazon (born 2010).
PressWise was digital imposition software to quickly and easily impose most any variety of flat and folding layouts. It was acquired by the Aldus Prepress Group affectionately known in the print and publishing industry as the Aldus WiseGuys in August 1991 from Emulation Technologies Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio. It was further developed by the Aldus Press Group and launched as the first of many Aldus prepress products in 1993. It was subsequently owned by Adobe Systems, then Luminous Corporation (Seattle), then Imation, and finally ScenicSoft. PressWise was discontinued by ScenicSoft in 1999 ultimately.
The first printed edition was by Aldus Manutius, Venice, possibly in 1505.
Like Palatino, an upgraded digitisation, Aldus nova, has been released by Linotype.
Paul Brainerd left Atex in 1984 to found Aldus and lead the creation of PageMaker.
He appeared as Professor Aldus Crick in the 2013 return of " The Tomorrow People".
"Oriente de los insectos mexicanos" (México, UNAM, 1996 (2ª. edición, Aldus, 2001)).