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kerasea              kefalochori              petsali              ampelia              karitsa              oreino              chrysovitsa              petrochori              spartia              kranea              kerasia              ypatis              makrychori              limnochori              zervochori              lapsista              ampelaki              stavrodromi              kalyvakia              leptokarya              kalamitsi              paliampela              stavrochori              krannonas              kyparissi              foteino              loutros              perivoli              distrato              livadero              kryopigi              kainourgio              perdikovrysi              fourka              palaioselli              makrinou              krini              katarraktis              chaliki              geroplatanos              katafyto              koryfi              partheni              kastaneri              palaiochori              argaki              prasino              eleftherio              katafygio              vrysoula             

Examples of "alepochori"
Alpochori or Alepochori may refer to the following places in Greece:
The municipal unit's largest villages are Vilia (pop. 1,269 in 2011), Kato Alepochori (220), Aigosthena (80), Veniza (52), and Agios Nektarios (40).
Settlements around the mountain include Aigosthena to the northwest, Vilia to the north, Mandra to the east, Nea Peramos to the southeast, Megara to the south and Kato Alepochori to the west.
Megara was in the country of Megarid, between central Greece and the Peloponnese. Megara, an ally of Sparta, consisted of farming villages, with flat plains and foothills, and hosted two harbors: Pagae (modern Alepochori-Corinthian Gulf) and Nisaia (Saronic Gulf), making it a prime focus of contention.
Alpochori (Greek: Αλποχώρι, also Αλεποχώρι "Alepochori") is a village and a community in southern Achaea, Greece. Alpochori is located on the northern slope of Mount Erymanthos, about 35 km south of Patras. In 2001 Alpochori had a population of 99 for the village and 236 for the community, which includes the village Agios Dimitrios.
The source of the river is in the eastern Rhodope Mountains in the western Evros regional unit, Greece, near the village Mikro Dereio. It crosses the border with Bulgaria near Gorno Lukovo in the Ivaylovgrad municipality, and forms the Greek-Bulgarian border for several kilometers. It crosses back into Greece between the villages Siv Kladenets and Alepochori. It passes the villages Ladi, Mani and Koufovouno before flowing into the Evros just beyond Didymoteicho.
Lakka Souliou has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, as it is testified by the fossils which were found in the region, like axes made of granite and flint, coppery and iron weapons, vessels of clay as well. There are traces of Pelasgic walls in many places of the region, like in Achladea, Bestia, Sistrouni, Alepochori and Paleochori Botsari. In addition to these, there are several acropoleis, ancient boxy tombs and coins of the ancient Epirotes found throughout Lakka Souliou. It is supposed that the plains of the region were covered by sea about 500 millions of years ago.
During the attacks of the Ottomans against Souli in 1732 - 1778 and 1792–1803, Lakka Souli was the "watchtower" of the Souliotes, so as Ali Pasha wanted to occupy this place because of its strategical location. After the Fall of Souli, Ali Pasha gave some lands of the region to squires: Alepochori Botsari, Paleochori Botsari and Romano to Jamali Aga and Acladea to P. Sakellariou, while Georgani and Derviziana remained in the state of Ali Pasha until his death. Epirus was finally liberated in 1913.
The Alkyonides Gulf ( - "Kolpos Alkyonidon") is a bay that connects with the Gulf of Corinth to the west. The bay is approximately 20 to 25 km long and 20 km wide. It stretches from Aigosthena to Cape Trachilos from east to west and from Cape Trachilos to the peninsula of Perachora from north to south. Three regional units surround the gulf: Corinthia to the south, West Attica to the east and Boeotia to the north. Except for the Megaris Plain to the southeast, mountains surround the gulf. These mountains include the Geraneia to the south, Pateras to the east, Cithaeron to the northeast and Mount Helicon to the north. Beaches include Mikra Strava, Strava, Mavrolimni, Kato Alepochori, Aigosthena, Alyki and Paralia Korinis. The Alkyonides Islands, which are also known as Kala Nisia (literal translation: "Nice Islands"), lie in the western end. These islands include Daskalio, Prasonisi and Zoodochos Pigi. More islands, including Fonias and Makronisos lie to the extreme north. Kouveli, in the Domvrenas Bay, also lies in the north.