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oppenau              attendorn              wunsiedel              hermsdorf              rinteln              altenstadt              neuenkirchen              gifhorn              ahrweiler              warstein              riedlingen              beerfelden              gernsbach              osterwieck              osterholz              ehingen              scharmbeck              lichtenau              bramsche              erkelenz              hausach              kamenz              rohrdorf              hornberg              frauenstein              stollberg              kreuztal              erbendorf              reichelsheim              heuchelheim              wolfach              edenkoben              trarbach              geisingen              schwaigern              erlbach              landeck              gersdorf              neudorf              friedrichsthal              hofstetten              stockheim              calau              gehrden              kronach              feldkirchen              borken              staufenberg              sontheim              dorsten             

Examples of "alfeld"
In 1942 MTV joined Sonnabendriege 1896 Alfeld and Schwimmklub Poseidon Alfeld to form "Verein für Leibesbungen 1858 Alfeld". On 24 October 1945, some months after the end of World War II, "VfL" joined "Tuspo Alfeld" to create "Sportverein Alfeld".
The history of "Tuspo Alfeld" saw the bringing together of several early local sides. The club was formed in 1929 out of the merger of "SV 1925 Alfeld" and "Turnverein Jahn 1884 Alfeld". In 1933, the Nazi regime broke up clubs with links to worker's groups as politically unpalatable and the membership of "Fußballclub Union Alfeld" also became part of "Tuspo". "Union" was itself the product of an earlier merger on 20 May 1915 between "FC Hertha 1911 Alfeld" and "FC 1912 Alfeld".
SV 1958 Alfeld/Leine is a German football club from the city of Alfeld, Lower Saxony. Established on 22 July 1858 as the gymnastics club "Männer Turnerverein Alfeld" a football team was not formed within the club until after a 1931 merger with "Sportverein Eintracht 1919 Alfeld". However, the club's first football department was short-lived and disappeared in 1936.
Alfeld is a municipality in the district of Nürnberger Land in Bavaria in Germany. Alfeld has around 1100 inhabitants (2013) and is famous for their traditional Kermesse which the people celebrate at the end of August every year.
Robin Leonard Alfeld is a New Zealand rugby league player who represented his country.
"For the town in the district of Nürnberger Land, see Alfeld, Bavaria."
Canterbury included Robin Alfeld, David Field, captain Alan Rushton, Michael O'Donnell, Mark Broadhurst and Bruce Dickison.
He was born in Alfeld, near Hildesheim, and was a professor of Scripture at Leipzig in 1520.
Between Göttingen and Hanover, the former InterRegio services now run as "InterCity" trains, calling at Alfeld, Kreiensen and Northeim.
Neighboring municipalities and communities (to the north going clockwise) are: Pommelsbrunn, Alfeld, Lauterhofen, Offenhausen, Engelthal, and Hersbruck.
Following the war "SV" spent the 1947–48 season in the Landesliga Niedersachsen/Hildesheim (III) finishing 9th before settling into lower level competition until the late 1950s. The club reclaimed its identity as "SV 1858 Alfeld" on 7 March 1950 and later in the year part of the membership left to establish "VfL 1950 Alfeld".
The unsettled hills of the Vorberge are crossed by several forest tracks and hiking trails which enable visitors to explored the wooded landscape. It is easily reached on the winding "Landesstraße" L 485 country road that branches off the B 3 in Alfeld, which runs northeast linking Alfeld with Sibbesse and with Hildesheim further to the north.
Alfeld is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. Located on the Leine river, it is the second biggest city in the district of Hildesheim in southern Lower Saxony and part of the Metropolitan region Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg. Alfeld is a member of the Leinebergland region and on the German Timber-Frame Road.
Alfeld played for the Hornby Panthers in the Canterbury Rugby League competition between 1976 and 1985, scoring 116 tries for his club - a Hornby club record. He played for Canterbury between 1977 and 1985, scoring 18 tries in 28 matches. Alfeld also played 18 games for the South Island between 1979 and 1985.
In 1885 the Prussian government established districts within the Province of Hanover. The present territory of the district was occupied by four districts: Hildesheim, Alfeld, Gronau and Marienburg. In 1932 the district of Gronau joined Alfeld, and the number of districts was reduced to three.
Canterbury were coached by Ray Haffenden and included Barry Edkins, Robin Alfeld, Marty Crequer, Wayne Wallace, Ross Taylor, Adrian Shelford, Brent Todd, Phil Bancroft and captain David Field.
Canterbury included Robin Alfeld, Lewis Hudson, Michael O'Donnell, Bob Jarvis, captain Wally Wilson, Alan Rushton, Wayne Wallace, Barry Edkins and Mark Broadhurst.
The South Island included Robin Alfeld, Marty Crequer, David Field, Glen Gibb, Wayne Wallace, Ross Taylor, Adrian Shelford, Brent Stuart and Barry Edkins.
Born at Alfeld, near Hannover, Germany, Schwacke studied Natural Sciences at the University of Göttingen and Bonn, specializing in botany after graduation.
Alfeld is a strategically important town fought for repeatedly by both NATO and Soviet forces in Tom Clancy's novel "Red Storm Rising".