Synonyms for allentiac or Related words with allentiac

millcayac              betoi              yaruro              milykayak              sabela              canichana              cayubaba              pacawara              huarpe              kandoshi              otopamean              alyentiyak              cahuapana              dialectos              zamuco              ignaciano              puquina              zapoteco              maropa              yunca              querquerni              cayuvava              munichi              omaguaca              camiare              masadiit              marubo              chanka              cotoname              oluta              maipure              mayoruna              aranama              kichua              kunza              indigena              itonama              guamare              orcoyen              charruan              kanpezu              gennaken              arratzu              cocama              puinave              krenak              andoke              texcatepec              serapicos              kaliana             

Examples of "allentiac"
Allentiac had at least five vowels, written "a, e, i, o, ù". The "ù" is thought to represent the central vowel .
Allentiac (Alyentiyak), also known as Huarpe (Warpe), was one of two known Warpean languages. It was native to Cuyo in Argentina, but was displaced to Chile in the late 16th century before being described. The people became mestizo and lost their language soon after.
Huarpe ("Warpe") was a small language family of central Argentina (historic Cuyo Province) that consisted of two closely related languages, traditionally considered dialects, that were documented: Allentiac (Alyentiyak, Huarpe) and Millcayac (Milykayak). A third, Puntano of San Luis, was not documented before the languages became extinct.