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Examples of "allnex"
September 2016 – Allnex was brought together with Nuplex Industries, now operating under the name Allnex.
In mid-September 2016 Nuplex was brought together with Allnex, from then on operating under the name Allnex. After the Allnex takeover, Nuplex was delisted from the NZX.
February 2014 – Allnex opened a technology center and Americas headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, USA.
In late 2014, EcoVadis awarded Allnex a silver CSR (corporate social responsibility) rating.
September 2014 – Allnex announced an agreement to form a joint venture with Eternal Materials Co. Ltd., a Taiwanese company traded on the Shanghai stock exchange. The Allnex-Eternal joint venture will manufacture cross-linker resins for mainly the Greater China market. The joint venture will consist of a manufacturing facility located in Zhuhai, China, which is expected to be operational mid-2017.
October 2013 – Allnex acquired Desmolux® non-waterborne radiation curing resins from Bayer MaterialScience. The products are now sold under the brand name EBECRYL™.
Allnex was established in 2013 after Advent International acquired the Coating Resins Division as a divestiture from Cytec Industries. Mid-September 2016, Allnex and Nuplex, a global manufacturer of resins, were brought together to form one company. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, the company has 33 manufacturing facilities, 23 research and technology support centers and 6 joint ventures. The company is present on four continents: Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Its 4000 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries.
Allnex develops additives that help improve the appearance and durability of coatings, the flow of paints and inks, the efficiency of the manufacturing process and the sustainability of formulations.
Phenolic resins are used in a wide variety of applications, including many types of high-performance coatings. Allnex develops technical resins for the tire industry, durable printing inks and industrial and packaging coatings.
Water-based coating formulations use water-soluble amines as hardeners, strongly reducing the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the coatings. Allnex offers tailored waterborne resin systems for specific substrates and end-use applications.
In 2014 Allnex has recorded zero process safety incidents – explosions or major fires, accidents resulting in lost time due to injury or fatality, or leakage of hazardous chemicals beyond UN containment thresholds.
Allnex is a global supplier of resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and special purpose coatings and inks. Their product range includes liquid resins and additives, radiation cured and powder coating resins and additives, as well as cross-linkers for use on wood, metal, plastic, and other surfaces.
Funds are managed by Advent International Corporate. Allnex produces a total of seven technologies: additives, cross-linkers, powder coating resins, solvent-borne high solids, urethane specialties, waterborne resins and 100% UV resins. Europe is Allnex’s largest market, followed by Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America.
December 29, 2014 – Allnex acquired Águia Química, one of the largest manufacturers of alkyd and acrylic resins in Brazil. Founded in 1989 and located in Ponta Grossa/PR, Brazil, Águia Química is a Brazilian market leader in alkyd and acrylic resins for paints, composites, adhesives and sandpapers, in addition to distribution of solvents.
Allnex is a leading producer of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) energy-cured coating resins. Such radiation-cured coatings are durable and scratch resistant, and are more eco-friendly in production, making them a desirable alternative to solvent-based technologies.