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neapoli              theodoroi              loutro              kyparissia              gastouni              chalkidiki              fanari              kalyvia              magoula              agioi              kissamos              argyroupoli              agrinio              polygyros              ptolemaida              kalamaki              siatista              vasilika              aigio              kryoneri              dimitsana              panormos              arachova              pefki              pyli              ypati              filippiada              konitsa              lapithos              leonidio              velestino              giannitsa              ierapetra              orestiada              zacharo              kyllini              irakleia              ermioni              levidi              livadeia              gytheio              kranidi              filiates              didymoteicho              sparti              karpenisi              plomari              istiaia              makrakomi              alexandreia             

Examples of "almyros"
The municipal unit of Almyros is divided into the following communities: Almyros, Efxeinoupoli, Anthotopos, Kokkotoi, Kroki, Kofoi, Platanos, and Fylaki.
Almyros is situated near the western end of the Pagasetic Gulf, 25 km southwest of Volos. Motorway 1 (Athens – Thessaloniki) passes east of the town Almyros.
The Archaeological Museum of Almyros is a museum in Almyros, Greece. It was built by and belonged to, until the 1950s, by the "Othrys, Filarchaeos Etaireia Almyrou", a non-profit local organization found in the beginning of 20th century. Now it belongs to the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.
The history of Almyros begins with the ancient city of Alos (about 10 km south of Almyros), the ruins of which can still be visited. Alos was a very important and populous town, famous for its port and for its role in the Persian Wars. After the Byzantine Empire, because of pirate raids, they built the town in the place that it is today.
Efxeinoupoli (Greek: Ευξεινούπολη) is a small town in the Municipality of Almyros, Magnesia regional unit, Thessaly, Greece. Efxeinoupoli counts 2293 residents (2011).
The municipality Almyros was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 4 former municipalities, that became municipal units:
The province of Almyros () was one of the provinces of Magnesia. It had the same territory as the present municipality. It was abolished in 2006.
German navy, and back at Almyros airfield he complained very strongly that that people in lifeboats had suffered enough so in future they should be spared.
Almyros or Halmyros (, which means "salty") is a town and a municipality of the regional unit of Magnesia, region of Thessaly, Greece. It lies in the center of prosperous fertile plain known as 'Krokio Pedio', which is crossed by torrents. Almyros is an important agricultural and commercial center of Magnesia, and is also developing as a tourist center for the area. The main agricultural products are tomatoes, cotton, wheat, almonds, peanuts and pistachio nuts.
On 5 May three Ottoman divisions attacked Farsala, forcing an orderly withdrawal of Greek forces to Domokos, while on the eve of those events Smolenskis withdrew from newly recaptured Velestino to Almyros. Volos fell into Ottoman hands on 8 May.
The stadium of the football club is Dimitra Efxeinoupolis and it has a capacity of 1500 attendant (150 seats) while the basketball team use the Public Closed Basketball Court of Almyros, with a capacity of 350 seats.
After the meeting he went to Kalavryta and met with Nikolaos Souliotis and Asimakis Skaltsas in order for them to write a letter in the first 10 days of March 1821 to Oikonomos Eliopoulos. Then he retreated to Kalyvia Kalamata waiting for news from Souliotis and Skaltsas and the arrival in Almyros, a small port near Kalamata, of the boat with the war supplies. From Kalyvia he went secretly to Gardikion (now Amfeia) near his hometown Poliani and learned that the small boat of Mexis Poriotis arrived in Almyros. Papaflessas immediately called his brothers.
Efxeinoupoli was created in 1906. The first residents that came in the area were Greeks, refugees from Eastern Rumelia (de facto a part of Bulgaria). Firstly they were established in Almyros. The building of the town started on the 29th of September 1907. After the Greco-Turkish war (1919-1922) Greek refugees from Asia Minor came to the town of Efxeinoupoli.
Amphimalla (Greek: , Strabo p. 475; Plin. iv. 20) or Amphimalion (Greek: , Steph. B. "s. v."), was an ancient town on the north coast of Crete, Greece, situated on the bay named after it ( Ptol. iii. 17. § 7), which corresponds, according to some, to the Almyros Bay (Armiro), and, according to others, to Suda Bay.
Sourpi () is a village and a former municipality in Magnesia, Thessaly, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Almyros, of which it is a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 191.335 km. Population 2,867 (2011).
The site of Amphimalla has not been located with precision; although the editors of the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World choose the Bay of Almyros, and place Amphimalla at its extreme southwest corner approximately on the site of the modern town of Georgioupoli, in Chania regional unit.
Argyronisos (Greek: Αργυρόνησος - "silver island") is a privately owned island in the Aegean Sea. The island lies between Kanatadika on Euboea and the mainland near Achilleio, Magnesia. Administratively, it is part of the municipality Almyros. It is 240,000 metres large. The most prominent landmark on the island is the lighthouse built in 1899.
Volos is one of the most industrialized provincial cities of Greece, because of its strategic location between the largest population centers of the country (Athens - Thessaloníki) and its port. Industry is intensely specialized in steel production and manufacturing. Three major steel producers (METKA, SIDENOR and Hellenic Steel Industry (Ελληνική Χαλυβουργία)) have production facilities in the industrial areas of Volos and nearby Almyros.
In Greece, the cultivated type of pistachios has an almost-white shell, sweet taste, a red-green kernel and a closed-mouth shell relative to the 'Kerman' variety. Most of the production in Greece comes from the island of Aegina, the region of Thessaly-Almyros and the regional units of West Attica, Corinthia and Phthiotis.
Phylace () was a Thessalian city west of the Gulf of Pagasae. According to Greek mythology, this city was founded by Phylacus. In Ancient Greece, Phylace was a kingdom. Its king, Protesilaus, was the first Greek hero killed in the Trojan War. Phylace (Greek: Φυλάκη, Fylaki) today is a tiny village in the Magnesia regional unit, in central Greece, near Almyros.