Synonyms for alpheraky or Related words with alpheraky

erschoff              zerny              rambur              draudt              eversmann              moschler              rjabovi              pungeler              gibeaux              ochsenheimer              gerstaecker              bifasciata              bastelberger              staudingeri              motschulsky              distinguenda              heylaerts              peringuey              punctalis              wiltshirei              ussurica              apfelbeck              filipjev              triphosa              herbulot              tschitscherine              insolita              flavipennis              acasis              cinerella              inquinata              pempelia              flavicornis              autophila              morosa              krulikovsky              brunnealis              orhant              monotona              dognin              liebke              djakonov              laticollis              lithostege              kozhantshikov              leraut              borkhausen              horisme              kiriakoff              osthelder             

Examples of "alpheraky"
Acerbia kolpakofskii is a moth of the family Erebidae. It was described by Alpheraky in 1882. It is found in China (eastern Tien Shan: Xinjiang).
Palearctia erschoffii is a moth in the family Erebidae. It was described by Alpheraky in 1882. It is found in Central Asia (Chatkal, Sussamyr, Kirghizskii Alatau, Kungei Alatau, Terskei Alatau, Nary, Sarydzhaz, Trans-Ili, Xinjiang, Julduz).
A variety "potaxini" Alpheraky, is recorded from the Xian-Shan, Koko-Nor, and western China. It differs from the typical form on the upperside, in the male by the restriction and narrowness of the black markings, in the female by the ground colour which is tinged with greenish yellow. On the underside there seems to be scarcely any difference.