Synonyms for alpkan or Related words with alpkan

meleshenko              nabeev              fazlija              issachenko              amilov              chernovol              zabavskiy              shabanov              khakimov              mamashayev              dyadchuk              baskalov              pochtarev              djamched              nomkanha              rakhimbayev              osmolovych              kukharau              nozimjon              zyuskov              slobodenyuk              chernobay              murtazaev              ismailov              pojaroen              igoshin              stsiapan              provorkov              sobitjon              papinashvili              batinkov              olexiy              chervyhkov              nosulenko              nazirdin              dremin              yauhen              yepishin              bubnovich              shukhrat              jahongir              ildar              chebotko              simanovich              shokirjonov              tagscherer              shkurlatov              kochnev              akylbekov              naurzaliev             

Examples of "alpkan"
Drama series that tells the journey of a little girl, pretty and kind named Elif Simsek (Isabella Damla Güvenilir) who must be separated from her mother who was ill. Because she is hunted by the cruel stepfather, Veysel Simsek (Hasan 'There' Balliktaş) wants to sell Elif to pay his debts due to gambling. Packed with a storyline that is very interesting and touching. Elif is currently 6 years old, her mother Melek Simsek (Sellin Sezgin) ailing deliver her to his friend to be saved from the pursuit of her stepfather. Best friend, Ayse Doğan (Ozanay Alpkan) is a maid in a wealthy family, where she used to work. The big secret is that Elif is actually the biological child of Kenan Emiroğlu (Altug Seçkiner) ,the beloved son of the wealthy family. Kenan does not know that Elif is his child with a woman he's ever loved and to be separated because of their different fate. Their love story had run aground because it was not sanctioned. Currently, Kenan is married and has a wife, Arzu Emiroğlu (Cemre Mellis Çinar) and daughter, Tugce Emiroğlu (Zeynep Orgel) is very spoiled and has bad temper. Ayse is trying to get permission from the Kenan to receive Elif to be raised in the mansion , without having to unlock the secrets of the past. Elif is forced to live at home and the luxury estates, apart from her beloved mother.