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Examples of "alternate_timelines"
Several versions of Rico have been shown in alternate timelines or Dredd's idea of alternate timelines.
In one of the alternate timelines, Casanova discovers Newman Xeno's real name: Luther Desmond Diamond.
CeCe reappears in "" #5 among dozens of Legionnaires pulled in from alternate timelines and worlds to fight the Time Trapper.
Having realized that all mutants from alternate timelines- including Bishop, Cable, and Rachel Summers- retained their powers, Hank goes to see Forge, who reveals that he scanned alternate timelines known to have mutants with his equipment and has found that no more mutants exist in any of them, suggesting that those timelines have either been erased or altered.
In the "" storyline Thrust would return in his Vehicon form as one of the many Transformers kidnapped by Unicron from alternate timelines.
Other companions died in alternate timelines or alternate lives. "Brigade Leader" Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, "Section Leader" Liz Shaw, and "Platoon Leader"
The two-part Theatre play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" contains alternate timelines set within the world of Harry Potter.
"Times Without Number" was originally published in the same year as Keith Laumer's "Worlds of the Imperium". While otherwise very different, the alternate timelines depicted in both books have an Italian inventor in end of the 19th Century make a crucial discovery (time-travel in the one case, travel to alternate timelines in the other) which is taken up by the world's Great Powers and fundamentally shapes later history.
In Michael G. Coney's ""Charisma"" (1975) the protagonist travels among the alternate timelines, again and again meeting the same girl and falling in love with her – only to have her get killed again and again, in all kinds of accidents.
In addition to the mainstream incarnation, the Marvel Comics character Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock) has had been depicted in other fictional universes and alternate timelines. These alternative representations sometimes differ from the details and events of the main story.
H.G. Wells' "cross-time" or "many universes" variant (see above) was fully developed by Murray Leinster in his 1934 short story "Sidewise in Time", in which sections of the Earth's surface begin changing places with their counterparts in alternate timelines.
"The Kingdom" mini-series in 1999 brought the "Kingdom Come" mini-series into DC continuity as part of a series of alternate timelines known as Hypertime, which included some of the alternate worlds depicted in various "Elseworlds" titles.
The high technology of the Hexamon civilization, with their control over genetic engineering, human augmentation (including post-symbolic communication), the concept of parallel universes, alternate timelines and the manipulation of space-time itself are major themes in the latter half of the novel. The Way itself cuts across space and time: "gates" may be opened through its surface at regular intervals, which lead to space and worlds occupying other timelines, including alternate timelines for the Earth. As a result of commerce through the gates, several alien species have come to be partners of the Hexamon as well.
The Brigade is responsible for the monitoring and control of the pludimensionality of Earth, in a segment of the space-time continuum known as "Sector Rhamno". This spans our galactic quadrant, six billion years from the creation of the Solar System to some unspecified date in the future, about 1,000,000 years AD, and all of its alternate timelines.
Alternate Universe (release: November, 1995) Alternate Universe was a collection of 122 cards that focused on cards from the past, future, and alternate timelines. It also contained the first ultra-rare card, the "Future Enterprise". It sold in 15-card expansion packs.
Holger later appears as a minor character in Anderson's "A Midsummer Tempest", where he is seen in a mysterious "Inn Between the Worlds" - having managed at last to leave the modern 20th Century and wander the various alternate timelines, but still far from locating the one he wants.
A number of alternate universes and alternate timelines in Marvel Comics publications allow writers to introduce variations on the Hulk, in which the character's origins, behavior, and morality differ from the mainstream setting. In some stories, someone other than Bruce Banner is the Hulk.
Sylvester, as Star-Spangled Kid, later returned with the JSA due to an alternate timeline in post-Crisis continuity to assist the Justice Society against Extant, when multiple alternate timelines came together due to Extant's attempt to collapse reality into a timeline of his creation. During this adventure, he teams up with Courtney.
Although not originally labeled as such, "Gotham by Gaslight" is considered to be the first "Elseworlds" story, where DC Comics heroes are taken out of their usual setting and put into alternate timelines or realities. Subsequent printings have included the "Elseworlds" logo.
Like "X-Men: The Hidden Years", some other works of this period involved characters and events in time periods other than the present and, in some cases, considered "skipped over" (""), or alternate timelines (DC’s ""); a feature some of these have in common is to have characters who actually age during the course of the series, which is uncommon for characters in ongoing comics.