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Examples of "alwin"
Alwin H. Küchler (also known as Alwin H. Kuchler; born 1965) is a German cinematographer.
The principal publications of Alwin Berger include:
Alwin Karl Haagner (1880–1962) was a South African ornithologist.
Alwin Neuß (June 17, 1879 in Cologne–October 30, 1935 in Berlin) born Carl Alwin Heinrich Neuss, was a film director and German actor noted for playing Sherlock Holmes in a series of silent films during the 1910s.
Alwinton (previously named "Allenton" and sometimes still referred to as this) is a village and former parish in Northumberland, England. Alwinton is named after the nearby River Alwin, and means farm on the River Alwin.
Alwin Hammers (born 2 November 1942 in Bitburg, Rhineland-Palatinate) is a German theologian.
Lord Alwin (LeRoy Mason), Earl of Northumbria, is captured in a Viking raid and taken to Norway as a slave. There he is bought by Helga (Pauline Starke), an "orphan of noble blood" under the guardianship of Leif Ericsson (Donald Crisp). He proves a troublesome slave, and Leif's sailing master, Egil the Black (Harry Woods), prepares to kill him for his insolence, but Helga stops him. When Alwin challenges Egil to a sword fight, Leif is impressed by his courage and permits it. Alwin manages to break Egil's sword, but spares him. Helga then gives Alwin to Leif.
Alwin Schockemöhle (born 29 May 1937) is a former German show-jumper.
Alwin is a German and Dutch form of Alvin and may refer to:
The corresponding German name is Alwin, which continues the Old High German names Albwin and Adalwin.
Born 1965 in Düsseldorf, Alwin H. Küchler started his career as assistant to a fashion photographer.
Alwin Kloekhorst (born in Smilde, 1978) is a Dutch linguist, Indo-Europeanist and Hittitologist.
Alwin Albert Hafner (11 September 1930 – 7 January 2016) was a Roman Catholic bishop.
Ngozi is married to cinematographer Alwin H. Küchler, and they have one daughter together.
Don Alwin Rajapaksa was a democratic politician from the Ruhuna region.
Alwin Francis (born 11 March 1987) is an Indian male badminton player.
Alwin Nikolais (November 25, 1910 in Southington, Connecticut – May 8, 1993) was an American choreographer.
Alwin der Letzte is an East German film. It was released in 1960.
The Co-op Building Society was founded by Alwin Fischer and incorporated in 1900.
Clown Charly is a 1918 German silent film directed by Alwin Neuß and starring Lil Dagover.