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Examples of "amarildo"
Amarildo Tavares da Silveira, also known as Amarildo (; born 29 July 1940) is a retired Brazilian footballer who played as a striker.
Amarildo Souza do Amaral (born 2 October 1964), known simply as Amarildo, is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a striker.
Amarildo de Jesus Santos (born July 6, 1986) is a Brazilian football player.
Amarildo is a Portuguese given name. It may refer to these people:
In January 2013, Carlos Alberto was named one of the six Ambassadors of 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, others being Ronaldo, Bebeto, Mário Zagallo, Amarildo and Marta.
Amarildo Hysenbelliu (born 23 June 1993 in Skrapar) is an Albanian footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for KF Tirana in the Albanian Superliga.
Amarildo Luis de Souza (born on January 12, 1976) is a Brazilian footballer that previously played for Semarang United in the Liga Primer Indonesia.
After one win and one draw, Brazil faced Spain, without Pelé. The South Americans were losing 0–1 in the second half. Amarildo, Pelé's substitute for the remainder of the tournament, scored the equalizer. Five minutes before the end, Garrincha took the ball on the right flank, dribbled past a defender and paused. Then he dribbled past the same man and another defender, and sent a cross to Amarildo, who scored again to win the match.
Amarildo Zela (born 25 August 1972 in Tirana) is a retired Albanian footballer, who played as an attacking midfielder. He played two games for the Albania national football team in 1992 and in 1997.
When the final whistle blew, Brazil beat Czechoslovakia for the second World Cup in a row by a final of 3–1 led by Garrincha and Amarildo, in Pelé's absence, and retained the Jules Rimet trophy.
Amarildo Almeida (born 15 March 1976) is a Guinea-Bissauan sprinter. Almedia competed at the 1996 Summer Olympics in the Men's 100 metres. He also competed at the 1999 World Championships in Athletics in the 100 metres dash.
Amarildo Dimo (born 25 August 1982) is an Albanian footballer who has played as a defender for KF Skënderbeu Korçë in the Albanian Superliga currently playing for Apolonia Fier.
He played his final game of football for an England Veterans XI against a Brazil Veterans XI in Brazil in 1985 at the age of 70; the English lost 6–1 to the likes of Amarildo, Tostão, and Jairzinho. He damaged his cartilage during the match: "a promising career cut tragically short", he wrote in his autobiography.
It was founded on February 19, 1949 by Oscar Lino, Dagoberto Bernardo, Valter Machado, Romão da Silva, Gilberto Ribeiro, Amarildo Cristiano, João Cândido, Sebastian Benjamin, Tia Alvarinda and Athayde Pereira although many historians the point as sort of dissent from another former association in Pilares: Unidos da Terra Nova.
In January 2013 she was named as one of the six Ambassadors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, alongside Amarildo, Bebeto, Carlos Alberto Torres, Ronaldo and Mario Zagallo. She also appeared in the Sveriges Television television documentary series "The Other Sport" from 2013.
In January 2013 and August 2014, Bebeto was named as one of the six Ambassadors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Rio 2016 in Brazil, others being Ronaldo, Amarildo, Marta, Carlos Alberto Torres, Mário Zagallo. His son, Mattheus, is a professional footballer.
Amarildo Belisha (born 11 July 1981) is a retired Albanian footballer who played as a midfielder or defender. He spent the majority of his career with his boyhood club Vllaznia Shkodër, and represented the club in both the 2000 UEFA Intertoto Cup and the 2009–10 UEFA Europa League. He was given the nickname "Ildoja" during his time with Vllaznia Shkodër.
With Brazil, Amarildo was capped 23 times, between April 1961 and June 1966, and won the 1962 FIFA World Cup as a replacement for the injured Pelé. He scored eight goals for his country, including three during the 1962 tournament, one of which came in the victorious final itself.
Born in Curitiba, Amarildo appeared in his country's Série A for four different teams: Operário Futebol Clube, Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas, Sport Club Internacional and São Paulo FC, the first three early into his career. Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas and Sport Club Internacional. He started playing football with Paraná-based Toledo Colônia Work, in 1982.
Cutelinho Futebol Clube is a football (soccer) club that currently plays in the Fogo Island League in Cape Verde. It is based in the village of Mosteiros in the northeastern part of the island and plays in the stadium with a capacity of 1000. Its current manager is Amarildo Baessa. Its nickname is "leoninhos" which means "little lions" in Portuguese.