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Examples of "amci"
The AMCI ("Asociación Mexicana de Cineastas Independientes", Spanish for Mexiana Association of Independent Filmmakers) is an association promiting supporting a film school in Mexico. AMCI produces almost 150 short films a year, many showing at international festivals.
The total budget for associations managed by AMCI members is more than $1.5 billion.
In 2007, Vale made a major entry into coal mining by acquiring AMCI Holdings Australia for AU$835 million.
The AMC Institute (AMCI) is the global membership organization of the association management company, or AMC, industry. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S., AMCI counts as members more than 180 AMC member organizations employing 3,500 people and representing 2.8 million individual members throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.
As of 2016, AMCI represents both the world's largest association management company, SmithBucklin, as well as the world's largest professional conference organiser, MCI Group.
The AMCI currently offers different bachelor programs in Film Business, Acting and Filmmaking. The University has a reputation for trying to accredite their programs by external organisms. Some studies can be done either in the open system.
AMCI aims not only to provide a comprehensive theoretical and practical cinema education, but also to exist as a business-related social networking environment and community for its students, faculty members and staff.
Hernández studied Independent filmmaking from 2001–2004, in Universidad Del Cine/AMCI. Lately attended Faculty of Law (UNAM) from 2003–2008. He earned a LL.B. from university in 2008.
It was first produced in the late 1960s or early 1970s by the Raychem Corporation under the trade name CryoFit. Manufacture of these couplings for aerospace hydraulic connections was later transferred to AMCI (Advanced Metal Components Inc.) and then later to Aerofit Products Inc. Additional products using the same shape-memory alloy technology are produced under Cryolive and CryoFlare trade names.
It is close to existing and proposed third party railways and mining operations including Rio Tinto’s Nammuldi/Brockman 2 operations and is neighboured by Fortescue Metals Group to the west; Aquila Steel/AMCI to the north; and Rio Tinto to the south.
In October 2004, Horizon went through bankruptcy and sold its interest in the railroad (along with two mines along the AWW) to Lexington Coal Company; Lexington sold it to Indiana Land and Mineral Company in September 2005, who in turn transferred it to American Metals and Coal International (AMCI) in January 2006. Norfolk Southern won approval from the Surface Transportation Board to acquire AMCI's share in AWW in March 2007, completing its takeover of the railroad.
Citing independent testing by auto research firm AMCI, Lexus highlighted the IS 350's acceleration as the "fastest in its class" at its launch (see also: Lexus IS performance specifications). Some reviewers noted the second generation models as Lexus' first foray into the sport compact market that compared fairly well with its German competitors. However, some criticisms were that its steering was not as communicative as that of some rivals, the rear seat legroom (while improved over the first generation) was still tight, and that the six-speed manual was only available on the IS 250. However, the IS' performance has also been praised, for example in a February 2007 "Road & Track" Japanese luxury sports sedan comparison, in which the IS 350 took first place.
AMCI was founded in 1963 as the Multiple Association Management Institute. It since has undergone several name changes, including the Institute of Association Management Companies (IAMC) in 1976 and the International Association of Association Management Companies (IAAMC) in 1996. In the early 2000s, AMCs from ASAE and IAAMC joined to form the AMC Institute, a marketing arm to support the promotion of the AMC model. AMCs could purchase a partnership with the AMC Institute, regardless of their membership in IAAMC or ASAE. In 2005, IAAMC changed its name to AMC Institute, assumed the AMC marketing responsibilities and, in 2006, the organization as a whole assumed the AMC Institute name to more clearly brand the AMC concept.
Plans for a deep water port in the area, named Anketell Port after the nearby Mount Anketell, have been suspended. The proposed West Pilbara Iron Ore Project (WPIOP) combined a multi-user port with a purpose-built heavy haul railway, to proposed iron ore mines nearby. In 2013, Australian Premium Iron Joint Venture (API JV) received primary government approvals – under the "Environmental Protection Act 1986" and "Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999" – for the construction of a deep water port. Technical and commercial feasibility studies regarding WPIOP are being developed by the rail freight company Aurizon. In 2014, API JV partners Baosteel of China and Aurizon undertook a $1.4 billion takeover of fellow partner Aquila Resources. This, combined with falling prices for iron internationally, led to uncertainty among stakeholders – including Baosteel, Aurizon, South Korean steelmaker POSCO and transnational private equity company AMCI – regarding the viability of WPIOP. According to Nick Evans of "The West Australian": "the project’s engineering teams were told to focus on ways to restructure the project to cut its estimated $4.5 billion capital cost". According to Evans: "Dreams of a major new Pilbara port at Anketell are all but over for the near future".