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Examples of "amigaone"
Also at Amiwest 2013, A-Eon Technology announced three new AmigaOne motherboards, with the project named Cyrus. A-Eon had a list a of proposed names which can be voted for and in January 2014 A-Eon Technology announced names for new models as AmigaOne X5000/20, AmigaOne X5000/40 and AmigaOne X3500. The new motherboards are aimed to replace the AmigaOne X1000. AmigaOne X5000/20 was released in October 2016 and - unlike the X1000 - sold via various distributors.
At the time of AmigaOS 4.1 release in 2008, it was the only AmigaOS 4 compatible hardware available since the manufacturing of AmigaOne machines ceased in 2005; Sam440 was later succeeded by the Sam460ex (AmigaOne 500) and AmigaOne X1000.
In 2000 Eyetech and Amiga, Inc. formed partnership to produce hardware for new AmigaOne platform. AmigaOne computers were introduced in 2002, first AmigaOne SE followed by AmigaOne XE and Micro-A1 models. Eyetech retired from Amiga market in 2005 and subsequently sold their remaining Amiga inventory to AmigaKit.
Last stable version of AmigaOS 4.0 for AmigaOne computers is the "July 2007 Update", released for download 18 July 2007 to the registered users of AmigaOne machines.
The last stable version of AmigaOS 4.0 for AmigaOne computers is the "July 2007 Update", released for download 18 July 2007 to the registered users of AmigaOne machines.
In September 2011, Acube Systems introduced AmigaOne 500 based on Sam460ex mainboard.
AmigaOS 4 is designed for PowerPC Amiga systems. It is mainly based on AmigaOS 3.1 source code, with some parts of version 3.9. Currently runs on both Amigas equipped with CyberstormPPC or BlizzardPPC accelerator boards, on the Teron series based AmigaOne computers built by Eyetech under license by Amiga, Inc., on the Pegasos II from Genesi/bPlan GmbH, on the ACube Systems Srl Sam440ep / Sam460ex / AmigaOne 500 systems and on the A-EON AmigaOne X1000.
CFE is also used in the Amiga NG platform AmigaOne X1000
In September 2011, Acube Systems introduced AmigaOne 500 based on Sam460ex mainboard.
AmigaOne is a series of computers intended to run AmigaOS 4 developed by Hyperion Entertainment, as a successor of the popular Amiga series by Commodore International. Earlier models were produced by Eyetech, and were based on the "Teron" series of PowerPC POP mainboards. In September 2009, Hyperion Entertainment secured exclusive licence for AmigaOne name and subsequently new AmigaOne computers were released by A-Eon Technology and Acube Systems.
When the AmigaOne boards first became available, AmigaOS 4 was not ready: they were supplied with various Linux distributions. From April 2004 onwards, boards were shipped for developers with prerelease version of OS4. The Final Update of OS4 was released in December 2006, for AmigaOne computers only, with the PowerUP version being released in December 2007. AmigaOS 4.1 for AmigaOne was released on September 2008.
Modern Amigas like AmigaOne and Pegasos can emulate Macintosh Machines by using Basilisk II or Mac-on-Linux.
The 7455 is used in the AmigaOne XE G4, and the dual 1 GHz Power Mac G4 (Quicksilver 2002)
In September 2009, as resolution of dispute over ownership of AmigaOS Hyperion was granted (among other provisions of Settlement Agreement with Amiga, Inc.) exclusive licence for AmigaOne (or Amiga One) name. This Settlement Agreement thus created legal basis for new generation of AmigaOne computers.
Originally in 2000, AmigaOne was the name of a project for new computer hardware to run Amiga Digital Environment (DE), in later plans replaced by AmigaOS 4. Initially it was managed by Eyetech and designed by the German company Escena GmbH. The AmigaOne motherboard was to be available in two models, the AmigaOne-1200 and the AmigaOne-4000 as expansion for Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000 computers. This would probably not have been actually possible. This AmigaOne project was cancelled in the design stage in 2001, mostly due to the inability to find or design a suitable northbridge chip. Eyetech, who at this point had invested funds into the project, were forced instead to license the Teron CX board from Mai to form the basis of the new AmigaONE computer range. First fruit of the partnership with Mai, AmigaOne SE, was announced to have connector for an optionally attached Amiga 1200, in order to use the old custom chips of an Amiga for backwards compatibility. However, no such solution was ever introduced.
In February 2010, a new company A-Eon Technology, in co-operation with Hyperion Entertainment, officially announced a new AmigaOne model, the AmigaOne X1000, first presented at the Vintage Computer festival at Bletchley Park in June 2010. The project was delayed but the new platform was launched in 2012 with AmigaOS 4.1.5.
Update 3 for AmigaOS 4.1 for AmigaOne, SAM440EP, SAM 460, Classic Amigas with PPC cards and Pegasos II for registered users
A-Eon Technology is a privately funded company co-founded by Trevor Dickinson. The focus of A-Eon was on the high-end and a partnership with Hyperion Entertainment was formed to allow discussion with key AmigaOS 4 developers about what such a next generation AmigaOS 4 computer would need. With the end of the AmigaONE line from Eyetech and lack of success porting the OS to third party machines, A-Eon decided to continue the AmigaONE line themselves with more up to date technology. One important decision made during this early phase was that the AmigaOne X1000 should be a complete system built around a bespoke motherboard with a customised case and peripherals. This contrasts with the adapted reference design strategy used by Eyetech for the original AmigaOne series.
Unlike Commodore Amiga systems, AmigaOne systems have no integrated multimedia chipsets. AmigaOne systems, similar to Mac or PC, sport AGP/PCIe graphic cards, embedded audio AC'97 sound system, and can use PCI/PCIe audio cards, even some professional models. The expanded capability of faster CPU performance, and the availability of standard expansion graphic cards, lead to a new generation of graphic software being born for the AmigaOne machines such as Hollywood "Visual Programming Suite". This made it also easy to port modern Open Source software like Blender3D.
The SB660 is notably used in the AmigaOne X1000, which has a PowerPC cpu instead of a x86 cpu for which the SB660 was not designed for.