Synonyms for ammavan or Related words with ammavan

ennatha              paramu              thumbolarcha              sundaran              aatmiyulu              thampuratti              pambaram              sangili              uthaman              shesham              virunnukari              sookshikkuka              sandarbham              muthalali              lakshmiyamma              theerpu              vanadevatha              kanninum              priyappetta              shakunthala              pennu              cheppu              nyayavidhi              mariyamma              snehamulla              kannukal              aniyarayum              poocha              chettathi              appunni              udamakal              rajavu              manathe              sivachandran              thilakam              mariakutty              pankajam              swapnangal              anandam              kalyaniyamma              bandhangal              kanakam              kathreena              thadavara              thirakal              kudumba              appukutty              arhatha              adimakal              orikkal             

Examples of "ammavan"
His books "Panchavadi Palam", "Ambili Ammavan" and "Masappady Mathupillai" were made into films.
Alappancode Easwara Kala Bhoothathan Temple is a very ancient and known centre of pilgrimage for the devotees of Alappancode Ammavan (Lord Ayyappa).
Ambili Ammavan is a 1986 Indian Malayalam film, directed by KG Vijayakumar. The film stars Jagathy Sreekumar, Nedumudi Venu, Kalaranjini and Santhakumari in lead roles. The film had musical score by Kannur Rajan.
Ramavarmapurathu Tharavadu was located in Manattara."Judge Ammavan" who is worshiped in the famous "Cheruvally Devi Temple" hails from this family.Now the original Tharavadu got branched into different families like Ramavarmapurathu-Thoppil,Ramavarmapurathu- Madothilaraodu,Ramavarmapurathu-Padinjareveedu etc..
Another place of worship is the Chelakkapally ammavan. He was a strong warrior of the then Rajhas,fought and martyr. Due to his martyrdom people worship in this temple.
Some earlier attempts to publish children's periodicals in Malayalam were proved failures. Among them, a magazine known as "Ambili Ammavan" (the Malayalam version of "Chandamama") survived for a long period. However, it was Pai and Pai Company's comic magazine "Poompatta" that established among the readers for the first time. NM Mohan, the editor of "Poomatta" of the time, is considered as the architect and designer of all typical children's magazines in Kerala.
Kerala Varma wrote 35 poems for children. Kerala Varma wrote the widely popular Malayalam prayer song for children "Daivame Kai Thozham". Some of his other poetry for children include "Kalikkutty", "Maasangal", "Neram Veluthu", "Thathammayum Penkuttiyum", "Aana", "Ponnu Thampuran", "Nakshathrangal", "Nazhikamani", "Sundara Viddi", "Ammepaksham", "Kanduvo Nee", "Kadannalum Theneechayum", "Arivu", "Manthan Chanthayil Poyathu", "Jalam", "Oru Tharkkam", "Chinthikkaran", "Payyeppayye", "Kallane Killan Pidikkum", "Vaayu", "Oru Vanchippattu", "Kallanaya Eli", "Dinacharya", "Kakkayum Kurukkanum", "Pasu", "Palliyunarthal", "Prarthana", "Vallamkali", and "Ambili Ammavan". His poems "Kaliyum Karyavum", "Payyethinnal Panayum Thinnam", and "Othoruma" contain advices for children.
Chandamama was first published in Telugu and Tamil (as Ambulimama) in July 1947. Kannada edition first appeared in July 1949 followed by Hindi in August 1949. Marathi (as Chandoba) and Malayalam (as Ambili Ammavan) editions appeared in April 1952 followed by Gujarati in 1954, English in 1955, Oriya (as Jahnamamu) and Sindhi in 1956, Bengali in August 1972, Punjabi in 1975, Assamese in 1976, Sinhala in 1978, Sanskrit in April 1984 and Santali in 2004. The Punjabi, Sindhi and Sinhala editions were published only for a short period. No English editions were published from October 1957 to June 1970. The magazine ceased publication in 1998, owing to labour disputes. However, the magazine relaunched a year later. It was available in 12 Indian languages and English.
He is born as Ajay Kumar, as the eldest son, of Radhakrishnan and Ambujakshiyamma, on 31 August 1976 at Mulavana, Kundara, Kollam. His father was an auto driver and mother was a L.I.C agent who also worked at Telephone service agency on contract. Soon after his birth his family moved to Kottayam. Since his mother often got transferred they moved from one place to other and finally settled at Pandavam, Aymanam, Kerala. He has two younger sisters, Kavitha and Sangeetha. He studied at C.M.S L.P School, Chalukunnu till his fourth grade and at C.M.S High School, Olassa till S.S.L.C. Then he joined Baselius College, Kottayam and completed his pre degree and graduation from there. He is a BA graduate in economics and has a diploma in computer science. He started his career as a mimicry artist and later moved to films. He worked as a mimicry artist in mimicry troupes like Mangalam Mimics, Nadirsha's Cochin Universal and Kottayam Nazeer's Cochin Discovery. By the time he reached 18 years of age he completed 1000 mimicry stages. He debuted through the children’s film "Ambili Ammavan" ("The Moon") in 1984. He now also acts in TV serials.