Synonyms for amnesias or Related words with amnesias

aphasias              agnosias              dementing              dysmnesia              nonconvulsive              neurasthenia              pocd              hemihypacusis              hallucinosis              neuroses              hemiballismus              hypochondria              hypomania              iodiopathic              hypofrontality              paraphrenia              catatonia              anosognosia              choreas              dysgnosia              psychopathological              dysthymia              presyncope              epilepsies              sundowning              korsakoffs              withpsychotic              athetoid              posthypoxic              korsakoff              sleeplessness              aboulia              dyscalculia              somatization              synucleopathies              acanthocytosis              quadriplegia              dyskensia              keutel              ahylognosia              subsyndromal              taupathies              symptomatologies              aspergers              paralytica              cyclothymia              neuromyopathy              hypocholinergic              tremens              hemispatial             

Examples of "amnesias"
Major topics in Tenev’s works are the cultural and ideological void in the post-totalitarian societies and the consequent emerging of counter-cultures; the fall of utopias and the social amnesias. Recurring narratives in his novels and plays are also quasi-religion and disbelief, barbarism and revolution, the Holocaust, problem of evil, theodicy. In his recent writings he often addresses environmental issues.
Corações em Suplício is one of those dramas where in the end the hero saves the young lady at the last moment. During the adventures, the hero takes a blow on his head, goes crazy but is finally healed by a famous alienist. Madnesses and amnesias finally healed through competent professional intervention are a recurrent issue in Mineiro movies from those years. Two examples stated are Pedro Comello's "Os Três Irmãos" (= The Three Brothers; Cataguases, 1925) and José Silva's "Perante Deus" (= Before God; Belo Horizonte, 1930).
Kramberger has also started with the extensive categorical critical reflexivity in the field of history in Slovenia, and has released many angry reactions in the history field, but mostly she left the historians - unable to confront its own shadows from the past - silenced. Although polemic, which would definitely clarify the discipline’s past erratic wanderings and amnesias and an almost total theoretic oblivion in the field of history in Slovenia, is not a usual tool of scientific communication in these regions, it is nevertheless clear that Taja Kramberger has opened (among some other researchers, such as Drago Braco Rotar, Rastko Močnik, Maja Breznik, Lev Centrih, Primož Krašovec, in a small, theoretically much less pertinent part also Marta Verginella and Oto Luthar) an important segment of future debates, which are needed to elucidate some of the neglected and spontaneously transmitted chapters of the Slovenian (distinctly ethnocentric and Sonderweg) history.