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mon_coeur              rêver              pour_toi              un_jour              quand_tu              mon_cœur              un_peu              si_étais              rien_que              ça_va              quelqu_un              était              veux              mieux              faut_pas              avais              laisse              étais              revient              il_faut              fais_moi              vient              une_chanson              si_était              du_bonheur              avec_moi              que_aime              avec_toi              quand_je              parce_que              regarde              au_ciel              peut_être              je_vous              ça_est              quelque_chose              pour_vous              que_je_aime              seule              je_veux              pleure              un_enfant              toujours              rêves              une_fille              que_je              un_rêve              mourir              et_puis              ma_fille             

Examples of "amour_est"
1943 "Mon amour est près de toi" Directed by Richard Pottier
The band, Hépatite B, in which St-Gelais is the lead singer and guitarist, had their self-titled album nominated for 2002 best rock album of the year at ADISQ. Three of the album's songs became top 20 hits: "Ton Amour est trop lourd", "Mélanie est partie" and "Je sais, je sais".
Marianna accompanied the khedive on his travels to Turkey and Europe as well as inside Egypt, something unknown before. As court protocol disapproved of women from participating in state events, Marianna, with the complicity of her spouse, attended official receptions dressed up as a man. It was as a young palace official "dressed up in an irritating stuffy high collar and tarboosh that I accompanied the Khedive on 8 February 1909, at the laying of the final stone during the heightening of the Aswan Dam", she describes in her memoirs. On one of these occasions, forgetting she was supposed to be a man, the Khedive looked affectionately at her and asked: "Mon amour, est-ce que tu n'es pas fatiguée?", which shocked people standing close by.
During the Occupation of France by Nazi Germany Rossi's film career reached its peak, notably with "Fièvres" (1942), "Le Soleil a toujours raison" (1943), "Mon amour est près de toi" (1943) and "L'Île d'amour" (1944). Like many celebrities, Tino Rossi is stopped on October 7, 1944 by several police officers in search of information on the Corsican close friend of him Etienne Leandri, suspected of active collaborationnism. Following a three months detention to the prison of Fresnes, near Paris, during which he obstinately refused the assistance of a lawyer, he will be exempted of any continuation by a judge considering the instruction assembled against him stripped of fondements. Tino Rossi who, in October 1943, lent its personal car to a resistance network to transport weapons and to allow several escapes (of which that of a general), accepted – extremely rare fact at the time – exceptional official excuses.
The album has a contemporary country music feel that has evolved from a rural American folk tradition. It features traditional folk music merged with rock and roll to form folk rock. Since the 1970s, a genre of "contemporary folk" fueled by new singer-songwriters has continued with such artists as Chris Castle, Steve Goodman, and John Prine. Filk music can be considered folk music stylistically and culturally (although the 'community' it arose from, science fiction fandom, is an unusual and thoroughly modern one). The genre is largely European, especially in France. The songs are primarily written by Bruni, though two are covers, and one (track 2) is an arrangement of an excerpt from a novel. In contrast to the spare production of Bruni's earlier albums, "Comme" features extensive instrumentation, the new producer Dominique Blanc-Francard, saying that he was trying to "amplify Carla's limited harmonic system", although the production is accused of rather "drowning it out". "Ma Jeunesse", the first song from the album, begins with piano and it talks about love and young people in general. "La possibilité d'une île" is adapted from French novel "The Possibility of an Island" by Michel Houellebecq. "L'Amoureuse" talks about a woman in love and represents a good perspective of French music. "Tu es ma came", which compares the intensity of passion to a drug-induced "fix", caused controversy due to the line "more dangerous than Colombian white [cocaine]", which provoked comment from the Colombian government. The preceding line "more lethal than heroin from Afghanistan" is not known to have provoked comment from the Afghan government. "Salut marin" (roughly, "Hello, Sailor"), a very personal song from the album, is a farewell to her brother Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, who died in 2006 from complications of HIV/AIDS. "Ta tienne" and "Péché d'envie" are folk songs written by Carla. "You Belong to Me": In English, this song by Chilton Price, Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart is generally referred to as a cover of the version by Bob Dylan and was later included in the film "The Boys Are Back", starring Clive Owen. "Le Temps perdu" and "Déranger les pierres" are songs written by Carla. "Je suis une enfant" is the eleventh song from the album. This track was praised as the strongest by "Le Figaro". "L'Antilope" was written by Frédéric Koella. "Notre grand amour est mort" its a love song that talks about a relationship between a woman and a man. "Il vecchio e il bambino" is an Italian song by Francesco Guccini.