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amoureux              petites              adieux              fantaisies              vingt              mourir              sont              huit              tendre              douleur              vont              chers              ainsi              messieurs              chansons              faite              toutes              lendemains              histoires              toute              joies              danses              votre              esquisses              rien              heureuses              choisis              amoureuses              romantique              trente              songes              morceaux              pleurer              riens              ombre              jours              pastourelle              mensonges              romantiques              seulement              voici              heureuse              oubli              saisons              autre              annonce              derniers              seule              quoi              amoureuse             

Examples of "amours"
La Chapelle published two novels, "Les Amours de Catulle" (1680) and "Les Amours de Tibulle" (1700), both dry collections of translations from the Latin poets Catullus and Tibullus respectively.
"The History and Amours of Rhodopi" - London - Printed for E.M. Diemer.
Fontaine des Amours de Bagatelle. Parc de Bagatelle, (1919). Raymond Sudre, sculptor.
"Love Intrigues';' or "The Amours of Bosvil and Galesia" (1713)
A separate French-language version "Les amours de Pergolèse" was released the following year.
Quesnel was the subject of the comic opera "Le Père des amours", written by Eugène Lapierre in 1942.
He wrote tragicomedies and tragedies, including "Marguerite de France", "Téléphonte", "Rodogune", "Sémiramis", "", "Les Amours de Diane et d'Endymion".
Theobald I of Navarre, also a trouvère, dedicated the song "De ma dame souvenir" to Thibaut and also used Thibaut's "Amours, que porra devenir" as a model for a religious poem of his own. Gautier d'Espinal also borrowed the melody of "Amours" for one piece.
Josquin's chanson was used as the basis for works by a number of other composers, including a version by Heinrich Isaac, and the five-voice chanson "Vous seulement" by Simon Moreau. The setting by Jean Mouton seems to be unrelated to the setting by Josquin. Although "Adieu mes amours" was originally a secular chanson, it was used in a number of mass settings such as, "Missa "Adieu mes amours"" which uses both parody and cantus firmus compositional techniques by Francesco de Layolle, and another "Missa "Adieu mes amours"" by Jacob Obrecht.
In 1849, he witnessed another revolution, the siege of the Roman Republic, which inspired another long poem, "Amours de Voyage" (reprinted by Persephone Books in 2009).
Amours des feintes is an album by Jane Birkin. The album was released in 1990 and was the last original album of songs written by Serge Gainsbourg.
À nos Amours. (, "For Our Loves") is a 1983 French drama film directed by Maurice Pialat, written by Arlette Langmann and Pialat.
The Loves of Rocambole (French: Les amours de Rocambole) is a 1924 French silent film directed by Charles Maudru and starring Maurice Thorèze, Claude Mérelle and Albert Decoeur.
La Galerie du Palais is a 1632 comedy by Corneille. The comedy concerns the amours of two couples: Lysandre and Celidee, Dorimant and Hippolyte.
Arthur Hugh Clough's long poem "Amours de Voyage" takes place during the siege of Rome, with one character describing the fighting in letters to his friend.
In the 1970s Charles Dumont started a career as interpreter with songs such as "Une chanson" (1976) and "Les amours impossibles" (1978), which received awards.
The libretto was by Michel-Jean Sedaine after the early medievalist Jean-Baptiste de La Curne de Sainte-Palaye's "Les amours du bon vieux tems".
They were considered by some ancients to be frequently polluted with disgraceful amours, which, according to Quintilian, were only a representation of the conduct of Afranius.
His conducting may be heard on the recording of Messager's "Isoline" and his own "La Lyre et les Amours" with Pierre Bernac, and "A travers Paris".
He composed a theatre play, "L'Instabilité des félicités amoureuses", or "La Tragi-Pastorale des amours infortunés de Phelemas et de Gaillargeste", published in Rouen in 1605.