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chrysovitsa              kranea              kyparissi              alepochori              ypatis              vasilopoulo              tristeno              matsouki              katafyto              kryopigi              foteino              drosato              kainourgio              kerasea              oreino              karitsa              petsali              geroplatanos              distrato              polylofo              stavrochori              kefalochori              loutros              chaliki              leptokarya              katarraktis              perdikovrysi              paliampela              limnochori              palaiokatouna              dasochori              vahagni              tsibar              stavrodromi              spartia              vathypedo              prasino              prastio              kastaneri              fourka              chrysavgi              kalamitsi              palaioselli              orlja              kerasia              vrosina              petrochori              nerochori              grimpovo              foiniki             

Examples of "ampelia"
Ampelia (, ) is a town of the Elassona municipality. Before the 2011 local government reform it was a part of the community of Verdikousa. The 2011 census recorded 256 inhabitants in the village. Ampelia is a part of the community of Verdikousa.
According to the 2011 census, the population of the settlement of Ampelia was 256 people, an increase of almost 17% compared with the population of the previous census of 2001.
This battalion was the first big partisan organization in the Gjirokastër County (which at that time included Gjirokastër, Sarandë and Delvinë districts) and head as leader Haki Rushit Shehu from Konispol and as group leaders, Taho Mehmet Sejko from Filiates, Lefter Miço Talo from Ampelia (), Ali Demi from Filiates and as political commissar, Qazim Kondi from Polyneri ().
Each fall, after the grape harvest the "wine festival" takes place. It is a fiesta with no specific date but has been established since 1996 by the City of Atalanti. The area has a big tradition in wine production. Two places of the valley are named Kato and Pano Ampelia (vines). The feast takes place in the central square. Traditional music and food prevail and visitors can drink wine for free. The wine is an offer of local wine producers.