Synonyms for amused or Related words with amused

puzzled              embarrassed              offended              astounded              annoyed              amazed              bemused              flattered              gratified              astonished              disgusted              disconcerted              dismayed              appalled              mortified              unnerved              intrigued              dumbfounded              saddened              awed              bewildered              startled              incensed              intimidated              infuriated              enthralled              comforted              bothered              mystified              frightened              displeased              entertained              upstaged              thrilled              flustered              humiliated              mesmerized              humbled              entranced              delighted              disappointed              horrified              tormented              pestered              unimpressed              incredulous              outraged              disheartened              scolded              unfazed             

Examples of "amused"
Three albums have been released by the "Easily Amused" group:
Hugh: [amused] “Dr. Doofus!” Children have such insight.
The Ghana authorities were not amused and threw the entire UPC leadership in jail.
Sachs made a cameo appearance in "We Are Most Amused", as an aged Manuel.
Opera House audience was both amused and pleased by her rendition of the La Boheme character.
"Don’t you think of yourself as a woman?” Miss Rosen said, amused.
"Amusing Ourselves to Death" inspired the 1992 music album "Amused to Death" by Roger Waters.
Shortly before she died she amused herself by writing a little autobiography for her daughter.
The Ghana authorities were not amused and threw the entire UPC leadership in jail.
developed a talent for storytelling with which she amused her young brothers.
Stunned but amused, Jack hangs up. Just then, Bella appears from the bedroom and kisses him.
DC Melish; (Michael Troughton). DC Melish was, like DC Jones, mainly amused at Arthur's activities.
Luciano's antics amused players and fans, but earned him frequent reprimands from the League office:
The Ghana authorities were not amused and threw the entire UPC leadership in jail.
'Beautifully composed vignettes...observed by a ravenous, compassionate, amused voyeur of the
Malapropisms and stream-of-consciousness commentary were fairly common for Rizzuto, which annoyed his critics but amused his fans:
The Royal Air Force was not amused, with Bomber Command Staff officers minuting their seniors with remarks like this one.
His singing has been characterized as a "speak-sing voice that veered between amused croon and panicked yelp."
At the studio the next morning he looked through my paintings, and it amused me to find that this
–a joke that amused William Randolph Hearst so much that he hired Baer to work for the "New York American".