Synonyms for andavar or Related words with andavar

arulmigu              kaliamman              parameswari              chottanikkara              thirukovil              sthan              vinayakar              dhama              puthan              anjaneyar              devasthana              mukkal              tample              koyil              kotturu              bhagawati              kshethram              derasar              deurali              angala              thiruvambadi              nayagi              veedhi              pazhoor              ramalayam              rajarajeshwari              pillayar              ulsavam              kaavu              pillaiyar              sompura              thavam              ellai              kaaliamman              bhairavnath              mariyamman              kottaram              thamburan              venkataramana              talav              karpaga              ashramam              periyanayagi              thirukoil              polali              siddhivinayak              chinthamani              bairiya              thottam              puliyur             

Examples of "andavar"
3. Pichai Andavar Thirukkola Thiruvizha (in the month of Purattaasi)- Bestower of Alms
The village takes its name from the ancient Shiva temple Mullikarumbur Easwarar.Sri Sangili andavar temple and shiradi Saibaba temple
Arulmigu Palani Andavar Arts and Science College, APA college for Ladies, APA poly technic, Subramianaia Engineering college are nearby Ayakudi, which facilitates people to enhance their education.
Mohaideen Andavar Mosque in Thirukkalachery has an important history to this building. It is located in Mosque Street (also called Pallivaasal Street; pallivaasal in Tamil means "mosque").
As such, the word Muniandi could refer to "a slave Muni" or "he who rules in the form of Muni". Munis like Vaal Muni are also known as Vaal Muni Andavar and Vaal Muniswaran.
This hill is also called Sigaragiri, Pushpagiri and Siragiri. The Lord of mountains 'Kuringi Andavar', Murugan is highly praised and sung with reference to this abode in Kundruthorâdal. Chennimalai is one of them and abounds in natural beauty and splendor.
Mugaideen Andavar big mosque, St. Luke's Church, Soosai apper Church (St. Joseph Church) and Sowkkai muthaara amman temples are facing each other and located at the center of the town. These are main landmarks in this town.
The grand Bhrammotsavam takes place in the Tamil month of Panguni. Of the festivals celebrated here mention must be made of the Palani Andavar festival in Thai and The Amman Tapas festival is celebrated in the month of Aadi.
There are many Hindu Temples in Kodaikanal including the Durgai Amman Kovil, Kurinji Andavar Kovil, Mariamman Kovil, Observatory Murugan Kovil and Vinayagar Kovil. The Muslim mosques are Ellis Villa and Munjikal. There is an active community of Tibetan Buddhist refugees.
We enter the main precinct of the Temple where the main Shrine of Lord Karaneeswara and the Goddess Swarnambika are situated. We find beautiful idols of Lord Dakshinamoorthy and Nayanmars installed inside the inner Prakara (Precinct). There are also separate shrines for Lord Palani Andavar, Lord Virabhadra and Lord Surya inside the temple.
There are approximately 500 Muslim families who reside in the western part of the village. For centuries, they have co-existed peacefully with their Hindu counterparts. The lives of the Muslims revolve around the Muhyuddin Andavar Mosque. There is also a prayer hall in the market area to cater to the needs of the traders there.
The temple is popularly called 'Perak Thendayuthapani Temple', and also as Malaysia's Palani Andavar. Construction of the temple began in 1926. Financial support was provided by the Nattukottai Chettiars (also known as the Nagarathars), a prominent mercantile community with origins in Tamil Nadu, India.
Vadapalani Andavar Temple is a Hindu temple that is dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is located in Vadapalani, Chennai. It was renovated in the 1920s and a Rajagopuram was built during that time. The temple has grown in popularity, which is believed to be in part due to the patronage of cinema stars.
Vadapalani is a neighbourhood in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. It is known for its film studios and the Vadapalani Andavar Temple, which is an important pilgrimage centre. Situated in the western part of Chennai, Vadapalani is an important bus terminus on Arcot Road.
Kurinjimala Sanctuary protects the kurinji in approximately 32 km² core habitat in Kottakamboor and Vattavada villages in Idukki district of Kerala, The Save Kurinji Campaign Council organizes campaigns and, programs for conservation of the Kurinji plant and its habit. Kurinji Andavar temple located in Kodaikanal on Tamil Nadu dedicated to Hindu God Kartikeya also preserves Strobilanthes plants.
The temple is atop a tall granite hill in Coimbatore. The presiding deity is addressed by multiple names like Marudhamalai Andavar, Marudachalapathi and Dhandayuthanpani. There are various water bodies around the temple, namely Maruda Theertham and Snake charmer's spring, which is believed to possesses medicinal properties.
According to a 1981 estimate, there were about 600 Hindu temples in Chennai city. The important among them are the Chennakesava Perumal Temple, Chenna Mallesvarar Temple Kapaleeswarar Temple, Parthasarathy Temple, Vadapalani Andavar Temple, Ashtalakshmi Kovil, Kalikambal Temple and the Thiruvalluvar Temple.
The 700-year-old Islamic shrine here has glorious aspects and a traditional background. This dargah, Andavar Sheikh Dawood Khamil Oliyullh, was built using traditional architecture. People irrespective of caste, creed and religion visit this holy Dargah. Maximum number of visitors are from Kerala and Karnataka. Some of the international peoples from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia etc., are also attend the main functions.
The legacy of this epic Sangam love poetry is maintained by Arulmighu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Thiru Kovil, Palani at The Kurinji Andavar Temple in Kodaikanal. This holy place is famous for the Kurinji flowers which blossom nearby only once every 12 years.
Muhyuddin Andavar Mosque (Tamil: முஹ்யுத்தீன் ஆண்டவர் பள்ளிவாசல் - "Muḥyuddīn Āndavar Pallivāsal", Arabic: مسجد سيد محي الدين - "Masjid Sayyid Muhyu-d Din", English: Saint Muhyuddin Mosque) is the only congregational mosque in the town of Thiruppanandal in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, India. It is administered according to the Sunni-Hanafi school of jurisprudence. It is part of a complex that houses a mausoleum, a cemetery, and a number of shops that are rented out to generate income for the running of the mosque.