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Examples of "anderl"
Andreas "Anderl" Molterer (born 8 October 1931 in Kitzbühel) is an Austrian former alpine skier.
Salas is married to Mark Anderl, with whom she has a son, Daniel.
In 2003 the trio split, with Anderl remaining at ic! berlin as the sole Managing Director.
Anderl was born on 11 January 1947 in Vienna, Austria. He died in Vienna on 10 October 2015.
Andreas "Anderl" Ostler (21 January 1921 – 24 November 1988) was a German bobsledder who competed in the early 1950s.
Judenstein (Meaning "Jew stone") is a district of the village Rinn, Austria. After the alleged murder of a little child named Anderl von Rinn by Jews on a rock in the town, a church was built around the rock. Anderl was later beatified, but his veneration was banned in 1953.
Anderl looks for Francesca, forgives her and leads her out of the village to the mountains. They arrive close to the Austrian positions in the moment of explosion which annihilates the Austrian stronghold. They then leave the valley and Anderl later often thinks about their mountain, a mountain without the soldiers.
While Haffmans and Gottschling focused on design and production, Anderl would take control of finance, organisation and distribution. Riding his bike all over Berlin, Anderl would visit potential clients and show product samples which he kept in extra pockets he had sewn into his coat. This strategy was repeated at ic! berlin’s first appearances at the Optika optical fair Cologne in 1997 and the following year at Mido in Milan: unable to secure a stand, Anderl would walk around the exhibition centre with a trench coat full of ic! berlin samples, much like those used by counterfeit watch sellers.
Reinhold Achatz, Heinrich Arnold, Klaus Träger, Johannes Helbig, Wolfram Jost, Peter Leibinger, Reinhard Floss, Volker Smid, Thomas Weber, Eberhard Veit, Christian Zeidler, Reiner Anderl, , Michael Beigl,
Under Anderl, ic! berlin has expanded into fashion, launching a line of jeans and collaborating with other designers and fashion labels such as [Kix], [Bathing Ape], [Luisa Hecking] and [Superfine]. Anderl continues to forge a strong relationship with the art world, frequently collaborating with photographers such as [Mathias Bothor] and [Lyle Owerko]. In 2013 renowned German artist and entertainer [Friedrich Lichtenstein] took up residency at ic! berlin an [ornamental hermit].
ic! berlin brillen GmbH is a German company which designs and produces high-end, handcrafted eyewear in Berlin, and distributes it worldwide. The company was founded in 1996 by Ralph Anderl.
In 1934, all competing teams were overtaken by the German reserve racer Anderl Heckmair, who started as a single racer one and a half hours after the teams left.
Andreas "Anderl" Heckmair (October 12, 1906 – February 1, 2005) was a German mountain climber and guide who led the first successful ascent of the Eiger north face in July 1938.
Anderl won the junior gold medal at the inaugural Nebelhorn Trophy, in 1962. In February 1968, he competed at hist first Winter Olympics; he ranked 20th in compulsory figures, 23rd in the free skate, and 23rd overall in Grenoble, France. In the same year, he won the bronze medal at the Winter Universiade in Innsbruck, Austria.
Gernot Alber, Reiner Anderl, Harald Baier, Eric Bodden, Alejandro Buchmann, Johannes Buchmann, Stanislav Bulygin, Christoph Busch, Peter Buxmann, Marc Fischlin, Iryna Gurevych, Matthias Hollick, Sorin A. Huss, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Andreas Koch, Heiko Mantel, Mark Manulis, Mira Mezini, Max Mühlhäuser, Alexander Rossnagel, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Werner Schindler, Andy Schürr, Martin Steinebach, Thorsten Strufe, Neeraj Suri, Melanie Volkamer, Michael Waidner, Thomas Walther, Leonardo Martucci
As a teenager during the 1936 Winter Olympics in his home town, Anderl Ostler and future teammates at became interested in winter sports. The games in 1940 and 1944 were canceled during the war, and Germany was not invited to the 1948 Winter Olympics.
The first frame to be produced was ‘Jack’, weighing 20 grams, with an initial run of 50 pieces. Already understanding the power of celebrity, Anderl enlisted the support of two prominent German actors, Peter Lohmeyer and Corinna Harfouch, to promote the new brand by wearing the glasses to public appearances and in photo shoots.
The ongoing attempts on the north face of the Eiger (the "Eigerwand") – which had thus far resisted all efforts, and had taken the lives of six German and Austrian climbers – were a particular object of his disdain, provoking his most notorious outburst (in his 1938 Presidential Valedictory Address to the Alpine Club, just before the first successful ascent by Anderl Heckmair and party):
In 1961, on an expedition led by Toni Hiebeler, he undertook the first winter ascent of the Eiger North Face with Walter Almberger and Anderl Mannhardt. At 27, Kinshofer was the senior climber of the team (Mannhardt the youngest at 21). Kinshofer did most of the leading throughout during their epic, six-day (March 6–12) climb.
Anderl (Andreas) Oxner von Rinn, also known as Andreas Oxner, (c. 1459 – 12 July 1462) is a folk saint of the Roman Catholic Church. A later writer alleged that the three-year-old boy had been ritually murdered by the Jews in the village of Rinn (Northern Tyrol, currently part of Austria).