Synonyms for andled or Related words with andled

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Examples of "andled"
The tunnel lies on a level section of canal. To the east are Camden Locks, the first three of twelve locks through which the canal descends to Limehouse Basin, from which Limehouse Lock provides access to the Thames. After passing under the A5205 road bridge, there is a right-andled bend after the locks, with the stub of Cumberland Basin to the left. The route then follows the northern edge of Regent's Park, which houses London Zoo. There is a long wooded cutting, before the canal skirts a housing estate built on the site of the former Marylebone goods yard. It then passes through Eyre's Tunnel, which is often known as Lisson Grove Bridge, and into the eastern portal of Maida Hill Tunnel. The tunnel runs underneath Aberdeen Place and passes beneath Edgware Road to emerge at the western portal with its restaurant above. The section between the tunnel mouth and Little Venice is tree-lined, with fine Regency houses on both sides. There is a junction with the Paddington Arm, leading to Paddington Basin, and the main line of the canal continues westwards to Old Oak Common, where Eurostar trains are stabled, and Wormwood Scrubs park and prison.