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preaek              trapeang              chrey              kouk              boeng              samraong              pongro              thmei              ruessei              lvea              thnal              stueng              knong              thlok              chhuk              angk              phnum              sangkae              chambak              paoy              kaoh              khpos              chrum              kandal              thma              praek              veaeng              tuek              sambour              sampov              rumduol              tnaot              kandaol              kraom              krouch              tboung              chlangden              krasang              kbal              kakaoh              svay              khsach              srey              kaeut              krong              muoy              krabei              chrouy              phlov              daeum             

Examples of "andoung"
Andoung Meas District () is a district in north-eastern Cambodia, located in Ratanakiri Province,
Andoung Meas district is subdivided into four communes ("khum"), which are further subdivided into 21 villages ("phum").
Malik () is a commune in Andoung Meas District in north-east Cambodia. It contains four villages and has a population of 1,440. In the 2007 commune council elections, all five seats went to members of the Cambodian People's Party. The land alienation rate in Malik was moderate as of January 2006. (See Ratanakiri Province for background information on land alienation.)
In February 2006, 100% of Liberty Mining International PTY. Ltd., which had 100% interest in two gold projects in the Ban Lung and the Ou Ya Dav/Andoung Meas areas in Ratanakiri Province, was acquired by Great Australian Resources Ltd. (GAR). During 2006, GAR reportedly undertook and completed an aeromagnetic survey of the two project areas and carried out an extensive soil geochemical sampling program in the Ban Lung area and a diamond drilling program in the Ou Ya Dav area.