Synonyms for andysabini or Related words with andysabini

ataua              heuy              tolofuaivalelei              myoan              liun              monourom              probinsiyanong              fabbrichesi              gboro              osculo              lvea              takhro              matain              sophat              chiudi              lacubus              vuodenaikaa              ocoli              angkea              phetsheya              voorthuijzen              tiidu              peuk              diyablo              huntrakul              markadong              phrang              lingkhim              nubla              nursalim              loeng              windsorsusie              trabaek              noragugume              mabilis              peult              sittisak              khoaba              falemoe              titubi              ngourkosso              harcanville              boribun              devat              sirimongkhon              locupletior              mouy              hernfah              sampay              mbato             

Examples of "andysabini"
The Montagne d'Ambre dwarf lemur or Andy Sabin's dwarf lemur (Cheirogaleus andysabini) is a species of dwarf lemur known only from Amber Mountain National Park and the surrounding area in northern Madagascar. It was identified in 2005, but not formally described until 2015. Its conservation status has not been determined, but it is at risk from deforestation and possibly hunting from nearby human populations.