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rikke              josefin              stina              ingvild              marit              hanne              kerstin              vibeke              anja              cathrine              emelie              dorthe              tonje              bente              nordby              mariann              maiken              pernille              birgit              kristiina              silje              malene              cecilie              riikka              katja              kjersti              gitte              pernilla              mette              merete              annika              liisa              kajsa              kirsi              anneli              sofie              josefine              katrin              mirjam              agneta              tiina              maija              pirjo              kirsti              gunhild              annelie              berit              tiril              wenche              ylva             

Examples of "anette"
Anette Westermark, Pastor's Assistant, 2003–2004
Anette Michel ... "Bárbara Castrejón de Sánchez Serrano "
Anette: Laurie Reijs (understudy's: Kelsy Blikslager & Melinda de Vries)
Anette Olsen is daughter of Fred. Olsen who is chairman of Bonheur and Ganger Rolf. Anette Olsen became partner of Fred. Olsen & Co. in 1993, that she has inherited from her father.
In 1990 he became acquainted with Anette, whom he married one year later.
In June 2010, it was announced that Östlund's team would join forces with Anette Norberg.
Offenbach-Hundheim’s mayor is Jutta Lißmann, and her deputies are Roland Graf and Anette Rheinheimer.
Anette Tønsberg (born 2 April 1970) is a Norwegian speed skater.
"Ensemble DRAj" was founded in 1996 by Anette Krüger (vocals), Ralf Kaupenjohann (accordion),
Ramos is married and has two children: Luis Aneudy and Anette Marie.
Christine Truman Janes / Nell Truman defeated Fay Toyne-Moore / Anette du Plooy 6–4, 6–3
Anette Sofie Olsen (born 24 September 1956) is a Norwegian businessperson.
Team: Anette Norberg (skip), Eva Lund, Cathrine Lindahl, Anna Le Moine, Kajsa Bergström (alternate).
Anette Norberg (born 12 November 1966) is a retired Swedish curler from Härnösand.
Louis Celeste Lecesne married Hannah Escoffery (born 15 November 1797 and also known as Anette),
Gry-Anette Rekanes Amundsen (born 7 July 1973) is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party.
Anette Grecchi Gray is a chef, most recently the Chef de Cuisine of Jiko in Florida.
Anette Gleichmann, née Skaugen (born 1964) is a Norwegian investor and publisher.
Gudrun Anette Høie (born 13 July 1970) is a Norwegian sport wrestler from Kristiansund.
Anette Bøe (born 5 November 1957 in Larvik) is a former Norwegian cross-country skier.